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Comment on "Naughty Marietta, 1910, including mention of some costumes - in New Musical Shows One Star Can't Utter...
in New Musical Shows One Star Can't Utter Intelligible English and Another Only Dances. I'npns- blm- n- hnndkor-chlef. BY FRANKLIN FYLE8, NEW YORK, Nov. 12.Emmo. Trontlnl can't Hpnak flvo consecutive English words tn "Naughty Marietta," nnd Adeline Adeline Cicnoo won't, make a sound at nil In "Bachelor Belles." Emma and Adeline aro the emblazoned actresses In thopt now plays, nevertheless, becauwo one sings melllflurouBly and tho other dances ba-wltohlngly. ba-wltohlngly. ba-wltohlngly. I will try to tell you what they do to bo entertaining with unintelligible unintelligible utterance and unbroken ullcncc, Adeline Gcnoe can daro the consequences consequences of being1 willful. After dancing Into the utmost popularity In London'o big concert halls by much footache from tiptoe gyrations, she married a man In btiHlness cahoots with the Duke of Newcastle, Newcastle, whoso coal mines pliicn him next lu wealth to Kockafeller with coal oil welln, ' Tho wedding" was a year ago. Adeline, though horn Danish. Is Kngllsh by long residence, and so jnho doesn't hesitate hesitate to ' say as an American bride wouldn't that forthcoming maternity la the reason she will soon retire from tho stage for' awhile. And. although Hhe took a speaking part Inst season hero, Hhe hae declined to do more than dance this season-Well, season-Well, season-Well, season-Well, Adeline noeda but to foot U dumbly In "Bachelor Belles" to get to the front center; for alio Is, l think, tho most agile and graceful dancer now allvo and kicking-. kicking-. kicking-. Sho lmn nothing whatover to do with the coterie of bachelor belloH who renolvo that they hato men and will never, never shift from maidens to wives. At tho end of tho first net. whu enters on the points of her two bigger toes, with hor back to tho spectators; and then, turning a, face full of sweet smiles to the footlights, she becomes the premiere of a bnflot In the old Htylc of fluffy short Hklrts. Midway of th- th- second act Khfc flit and flutters airily Into sight uyaln in the semblance of a butterfly, with hor bodice bearing the head of that pay flyer, Its wings spread with Iit skirt, and her armw and lens ho disnortlvo that one can hardly toll which pair of limbs are carrying her off tho pronutl ns much us on it among girls guisod as iosok. At tho close of the play uho reappears as a Hungarian dancer in neat tan booty along with the rest of th notional peasant costume, and with a wondvoUHiy nimble man for a companion. That being over, sho poses In the, midst of the ennipnny as though sho had been the heroine of the ptrty'u story. LOVE LAUGHS AT VOWS, The hclter-fikelUr hclter-fikelUr hclter-fikelUr of "Ktaohelor Belles," Smith Sr. Hubhcll makers, Is held together loosely by the conceit that, the belles vow to remntn bachelors, yet mnrry ns noon as they fall Into the arms of men tlvjy love. A pet New York chonui graduate, pretty HtUo Kva Fallon, leads I hem as an helr- helr- eas who, to tewt it suitor, changes places with her maid, miide comle by Joste Sad ler, iiutn reopen ngureK ns a .lately dressmaker, and when she threatens a divorce suit the mcoik is from nor costume snop to nor lawyer s omca, Coherency is scarce and scpanito Hunts pienwu. une oi mo aispiays or nrauty Iti made in illustration of a oontr'fi re frain, "Where Aro tho Girts We used to Ktiowv' Tncv amioar n costumcK onec fashionable, from gntefiful empire powns to tno KroteBouo crinoline or our rebellion time of which fun Ih made by putting a fltlflly (listepHlvc hoop skirt on one of the human I. low could such an ugly Ptyn have ever held vogue for a decade? iioro ii renuern a cumc-iy cumc-iy cumc-iy creaiuro niueoun. Bho counts for liiughter, though the sits on one side of the hoopH, thus tilting the other yide. Emma Trontlnl Ih a grand opera singer who has studied hurriedly lOugliHh for the heroine of "Naughty Marietta." Sh was the little cutup in Lite Manhattan company, company, as KrltTit 8ehof f had been n th'j Metropolitan, and It whh calculHted thut Iflmnm, like Krltsji. might bo liked aH a leader In a music-comedy music-comedy music-comedy play, Uhlfl Johnson Young u'roto a piece for the purpose. purpose. Bho placed nnd tried It l New Orleans when pirates sailed the Gulf of Mexico and casanttetl-t.iat. casanttetl-t.iat. casanttetl-t.iat. Is, misbehaving misbehaving French girls were nent there tn mate with Louisiana , settlers. Marietta, Ih roguish, hardly naughty, surely not wicked and a daughter of Italian nobility nobility unjustly transported. The author assumes assumes that n. son of a Louisiana Lieutenant Lieutenant flovornor is a nlrato weerettv . He linn an octoroon slave girl who Ih put. on salo in tho market. Tho nlHvwricht meont that th ft auctioneer should. sav: "This Is the most beautiful octoroon In Now Orleans," Orleans," In the nervouH tension of a first niunt m Liroaaway, no sutist. tuted New York for New Orleans. The audience Htnppen tno action witn long laucbier. This human chattel Is Marie Duchone, a truly lovely little. Krennh thing from grand opera, like the Italian Trontiut, nnd unable to speak n ybort aeptenee In English Intelligibly. So tho uUenineeH of thofie rivals for ibe love of the Iiobb pirate don't elucidate the plot. I fan t'll ymi only thut. thorn Ih complication in the rivalry oi iovt. u may no seen rutin than heardthat Naughty Marietta is brought Into the I'lnoe d'Arnies with n Concert . ii ton' ii ii in . Tone-'The Tone-'The When YOU Jin any piano underlying point that the tone. I Tho case may action may be the most moderate J Great musicians The Starr Piano others "The tone an accepted standard world. I Years of labor tho1 highest workmanship stand Starr Piano and BEFORE The Catalog on Kequest hand of ca seat tea; that tmo Ih prnnkiuh nbHiiqnt;ntly in n murionotto theater, whfti'c shn la wooed vurionsly; and thut itnally shr is hupplly betrothed tit n ball hf tho .lourietHQ Danco Club, In thn nuanthne slu; has nut on the dlfgulso of a boy and hud exploits ap a girl, Tren-tlnl Tren-tlnl Tren-tlnl la hotter off lu loni; Hkirts than nhort for her anklew are, thick; and in any HkirtB rather than tight trotwerH for Phe ifi how-lepKi'd. how-lepKi'd. how-lepKi'd. Her face, Ih prot- prot- ty, mougiu, and Hti'. nas a vim or vivacity vivacity that lndh?nt,oa an elcctrlo dynnmo Instrilled fiomewheru n lier niall body. A, ml ohe PingM oh, how sho slngH. EVERYBODY HAPPY. Many went to the opening; of "Nnughty Marietta" awaro that Victor Herbert laid wrltton openttlc idupIc for It. 'Ot,hcrn wre misled by tho title to expert an ordinary rIiuw of aoner, duuee anri foolery, the OHtluMleH went s'lld over the Hunre nnd thf RhiBhiK of it hy a ehoniH and HoniR of the prliK'ipniH from grnud opei'ii. Those musical ahorpH wcro raplurouw with enthusiasm enthusiasm ovf.i- ovf.i- a Hpht opora performod In a nouae ioiib ovoieu io jarouiai amies a;t. to rattlliiR tunes. Ti leHM cjithi'tio Jaund solaoo In tho demonstration that ehnruH Rlrls wlt ba coftuettlah when told to, whether In Brand opera or ignoble burlesque,; und Mr. Voung'H rhymoa nnd Herbert's noteM relax from dlm'It-y dlm'It-y dlm'It-y fi'G-Muently fi'G-Muently fi'G-Muently to bo populnr. Whnt hit the whole audience hardest wan Orvlllo Har- Har- rohl'ji t op t tmor notes when , fi w tho ilrntH he throw his love for the cafsnttc ilori to high i' i MVcn a voeal rocket, to I'Nploiici tnero in meiocjiouti nruitaneo. That wns unnsuul outside of era ml onorii and somo of the people noted as though Htieh n. thins had never hecn donn before. The moat eHaentlnl thing, when you write a farce for an eccentric coniedlun, a predienmont to pliinpe him inUt. The nest inn ror a comic cior foiaun oi nor nlcxitif'H. tribulations und even anculNhoH In American singe humor' these troubles ire usuullv caused by the fellow's own braah audacity. It Js his own bounce that leadrf to iiiw jounce ny otnorfi. in riiiKianu however, tho cheekv mmher und driver himtler and hustler, ia not toltrated tdther socially or commerchllly. Wil sn he Is not popular theatrically. Over there the victims of hard luck tn mroes, uieve foro, ure seldom to blame for their mis adventured. Is on a iu

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  1. The Indianapolis Star,
  2. 13 Nov 1910, Sun,
  3. Page 10

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