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Ballard being hunted P - 70c track: July, 74,c; August. 74c; tieptember....
70c track: July, 74,c; August. 74c; tieptember. 74lc; unmerchantable. jc; sagon. 74c. Corn Huron : No. x white tWc. through bill - Ins KV: N i white b4c. through billing Kc; No. 4 white 5i'c. through billing 6Jc; No white mixed, tic: No. J white mixed. ?if' IM nw ? e.il1I""S"r - wc; No - ' l"1r. S' - c. No. 4 yellow. 62c: v,. . ,i.i ml,,, .hrmieh Miiine mu... v - 1 BOLLS KWVHEAT AGAIII HAVEETHOIGTOSAy j advance;started yesterday 7 CONTINUED. . SHORTS GO CLOSER TO SHORE CHICAGO. July IT - The wheat market wan easy at the opesinar. but moon became) became) arm on good buyioar by shorts. Firm cables and continued eood waacher aided materially in etifXeninc prices. September September opened unchanged to VTS.c lower, lower, and sold at TMtc Com Held About Steady. The corn market opened eaner on good selling - by commission - houses, which was based on a prediction of soowers for the corn belt - September opened unchanged to lower, declined to &ZVrc sold up to fcS3c. and then declined to lc Tbe oats market waa easier at the opening;, opening;, but soon showed a better feeling. Prices were steady to easy In the provisions provisions market, but trading waa dull. Ey A. W. Thomson's Wire. pew - High - low - Closing - . teg. eat. est. JulyllJulyU 78 73S TTS ' TSSt ? - WHEAT July ....... BepC . . i Dec May '.. CORN July BepC Deo. Kay .. OATS July.. .. .. BoTrpta, ee ITCwea a4 e e May .. Tl 75H - TS T - a - StSt 334t ?S us SO os T3Vi - 7a ) tr MS sis K - S 31S 60S 3S 3S 3 W 3S 3S 33 - a. 334 S3 S3 w I4 7Ta 33 CS 5H JS sos so 4 34S 37 33 3S 3SS '3H 3S 34 34t 3St s 3S - PORK July .. Re PC .. Jan. ... LARD July ... Kept - , .. f ct. ... RIBS July .. POpte, ee Oct. .. .11 7 II K .17 V 17 33 ..14 034 II 91' 17 IS IS 172 IS 172 17 IT 17 S3 14 2 It Of .... t as .... t 30 .... 32 .. 47 .. t &S - .. 33 0 10 30 - t 17 47 S7 t 37 01 0.13 17 t 34 - t 4S 17 Oft Ue IT t S5 47 30 0T t 30 - f 33 o'er u 37 - Bld. tAak. 'Nominal. CHICAOO. July 11 Cash: Wheat No. I red. 7r7Sc: No. 3 red, TTHQTOc: No. 3 hard. TTi, ffw: ro. naro. Ttr7He; No. 1 Northern. 0Htr3Sc: 'No. 3 Northern. KtlHc; No. 3 spring. itAtO'SHc Corn No. I. USc; No. 1 lt&l3c. Oata No. 1 STVc; No. 1 37Sc. Itye September, E30c. Flax Nothing doing. Barley Feeding. 40c; No. 1 nothing doing. New York Grain Market. NEW YORK. July 11 Flour Receipts, 11714 barrel : sales, 800 barrels, flour steady but slow. Wheat Receipts, 34.100 bushels; salts. 72S.0O0 bushels. The tendency of wheat was J niKiiT - mmtn una niu. iuiw m pull mimiui L. covering erdera, light acceptaacea from Kaa - sas. damage newa from the Northwest aad food foreign buying; July. t4Sc; Peptsmber, 484Hc; December. lSCSc; May. t& Sc. Rye Dull; No. S W eat am. 47 v. nominal f. o. b. New Tork. Com Receipts. SLew buahela; option market waa dull and without tranaacUone. Beef steady. Pork Firm. Lard Firm; prims W eat era. !.009.10. nominal Other Grain Markets. MILWAUKEE pies. 4ie4c. July 11 Barley Dull; WINNIPBO. July 30t c; October. TSc. 12. Cloee: Wheat July. BALTIMORE, July 11 Wheat July. 7He: October. 7Sc Corn October, ttc: cash. 67 Sc CIXCLWATt July 11 Flour DuIL Wheat Steady; 74977c Corn Firm; taCrOtHc Oats - oteaoyj auc nye uuu; axe. rrovisione Highar; lard. H7&; bulk meats. S3.7S; bacon, 310.74. DETROIT. July 12. Close: Wheat No. I red. SOk.c; No. 1 white. SOSc; July, 7Sej Septem ber, 0c; December. S2Ve. Corn No. 3 yellow, yellow, sac. Oata No. white. 41",c Rye No. 1 4Sc. TOLEDO, July 12 Close: Wheat Tah, TSc; July, 7Sc; September. Tic; December, 31 Sc. Corn Cash. Sac: July. t4Sc; September. WSc Oats Cash. aOSc; July. 40Se; September. September. 34c. LIVERPOOL. July 11. Wheat Spot nominal: future quiet; July, ta Sd; September, ta d; December, 4s 44 L Corn Spot quiet ; American American mixed, old. 4s lod; futures qulst; July, 4s 3d; September. 4s 7S4 - Dl'LCTH, July 12. Cloee: Wheat No. 1 SOc: No. 3 Northern. ;Te: July, SOo; September, 70e. Flax To arrival on track and July. I1.18S: beptrniber. 81 12.' Oats To arrive, arrive, on track and July. 37c. KANSAS CITT. July Jl Close: Wheat - July. 7Sc; September. TlSe. t'snh No. 3 hard. 7!T2Sc; No. 2 red. T2S4fT3c. Corn July. 4Sc; Bepteiuber. 4Tc. t'aah No. 2 mixed. SISc; No, 3 white. Mc Oats No. 2 white. 40tf41c. 8T. LOLI8. July 12. Cloae: Wheat Higher; No. 2 red cash elevator, 75 Sc nominal; track. TS'aSTIc; Beptember, T5Sc; December. 7Sc, No. 3 hard, 747c. Com Fu t urea. lower; cash, nrm. No. 2 cash. 62'ic nominal; track, irc ; Rcptmiber, Mc; December. aHc. Oata Firm: No. 2 cash. 3Sc, nominal; track, SSStf Xtc; fttember, 37c; December, 3 Ho; No. 3 white, 43c. Indianapolis Cash Prices. July 12. Wheat Quiet; No. 2 red. TSSac track; No. 7 - 1. track: No. 4 red. 7oc track: reiected mUe1 through billing USc; No. 4 mixed. - 1JC. cata Finner: No. 2 white. white 3c. ihrousrh tilling 3S'c; No. No. 4 white, 37c, No. 2 mixed. 3'c. No, 4 mixed. 36c; rejected. 33c. 1 mixed, 38c; No. Hav Firmer; choice timothy, timothy. 31 00. No. 2 timothy. 114 SO; 113 00; No. No. prairie. .. Kye No. 2 rye. 0c. Inspections. Wheat No. 2 red, new, U car rejected. new. 3 cart: total, w cr. Corn No. 2 white. 1 car; No. 3 whits, II cars. No. - white mixed, 1 car; No 1 yellow. 2 can; No. Z rn lir.1. 1 rax; No. S mlxM. 2 rare; No. 4 mixed. I car; no establlahed grade, 1 car; total. 27 cars. Oat No. 2 tnixel, I car; reject ej. 1 car; ti.tsL I rar. lla No. 1 tlinotfcr. 2 csra; No. 2 timothy. 2 cars. No. I c!oer mixed. 1 car; total. cars. The Wagon Market, July 11 Corn 6341c Sheaf ot - 111 0011 Millet 87 tKxffl 00. Hay Tlmotny. 114 OOtrlS 09; clover. 10 Ov. mixed bay. 112 Ovo it A. straw. 4 M. 33 OUfl Primary Markets. July 12 Primary market receipt a Wheat. TtS.Wi buahela. arainat 4". buahels the correspond - day a eax ago; coin. 494. M! buahela. agalnat S?7.'"" Uuabala Prlnrr mArk.t ah Ipmentj - W f .". rm'i buahela. agar - at r7t.w buahela the correaponi - Ins say a year ;: curs. faS.COO buanru. acainal 344,006 LuaJie.a Drjulh l; car, a t - ,tai of rrj car.. aain :i can te ctrteaoonsJ:r.s .lay a yr ago St Luls receipta Wheat buahela. lt.OM buetiela the corresponding day a year a - i KxM i':ty recelpta Wheat Z2 ran. against 14 ran the corrt.T)'llr.g dav a y - ar ar. Oil'tait'i car W - Wheat. li cars; corn. 2! care. oar. 124 tar Ki:rrji - ed cara at O.lcaa - o for to - day Wheat. 207 can. torn. 4" cara. oats. 13d care. P'ir PV1 - (iay Wheat. 15 cara. corn. 21 cars, oata, IIS cara. hwa. IT.1 bead narxneVI beat. 000 busbeU. mi flour.! - . - ..v , i .... i n , n mt (..: . . . 'I mm.:, corn. 3trj buanels. oata. 2. IV buabeia. J. W. KERN TO SEE BRYAN IN EUROPE Continued from Page One getting after all corporations which may exceeding their rights or vtolatir.g the taws, even in the ora - aniaation of combl - nations for restraint of trade. Governor Hanly's Fight Governor Hanly's fight. covering: more West Baden Monte Carloa. has demonstrated demonstrated tba rnadequacy ot tbe present Isws and the necessity of legislation along - tbe lines Indicated. His most effective blows tn tba present crusade bare not been delivered delivered through laws forbidding gambling. but under the laws authorising tha organ - ixatkm and conduct of corporationa. The two big caainos are cloned, tor tie tlm? being at least, no so much on account of tbe raid made on them by Attorney - en - eral MUler as becaus of the State's quo warranto proceeding to place tha hotl companies In the hands of receivers on the ground that they bare violated their charter charter light and thus forfeited their corporate corporate rirbts to 3a business In Indiana - As a matter of fact, the email gambtin holes la French Lick and Went Baden hav not been touched. Action agalnat them reets with tha county office rail rail ts predicted that if a dosen roulette wheels, a half - donen faro outfits and other gambling - equipment fa put out of business in the two big casinos, as many roclette wheels, faro outfits snd other srambiins; devicee will soon be added to thee small places run by Individuals. Could be Reached Under State Law. The State of Indiana. In Its sovereign capacity, manifestly can not keep its officers officers here all of tha time to fight these small gambling - boles, but tt could wipe thera out In a hurry If the laws mentioned mentioned were enacted. At this time "Al" Brown, who ran several several gambling resorts In Indianapolis, and who was the first lessee of the French Lick casino building.' putting the finishing touches on a new hotel building here, and Ed Ballard, tha Nf chief of the gamblers and the operator of Mont Carlos ta the valley. has Just broken ground In the town of West Baden for a four - atory brick building. What if these Individuals not corpora - tlons cren their places, as many suspect they will, as Monte Carlos, to take tha places of those just wiped out? How will the State proceed 'against them? Powerless Under Present Laws. The State wm not be able to fall back on ouster proceeding, because they will not be corporations - If Ballard' and Brown could keep ta the good graces of the county officers, the State would be practically powerless under the present taws.. However. If the Legislature gives the Governor t he right to direct and compel the prosecuting attorney to proceed against such concerns, and to throw the prosecutor out of office if he fails to do o, tha Governor would come near bavins; absolute control ot the situation. There ts a great deal of speculation as to what kind of building - Kd Ballard la going to build tn West Baden. The work of breaking the ground for It has Just begun. It ts learned that tt Is to be a four - story, brick structure. It Is within easy walking distance) of the West Baden Hotel, in which Ballard ta a stockholder. stockholder. - Ed Ballard Owns $30,000 of Stock.' The State. In Ita Investigation of the books and - affairs of the French Lick and West Baden Hotel companies, haa found that Ballard not only holds 230.000 of the stock of the West Baden Hotel Company, but that llOO.Outl of tha stock la held by Josepb and May Y eager. President Sinclair Sinclair and Secretary - Treasurer J. F. Per - sise did not. when questioned, seem to know who Joseph - and May Yeager are. but other employes have told State officers officers that Yeager ta a "plunger" and la Ed Ballard's partner, and that he la at Hot Springs must of the timav President Sinclair's statement of the list Of stockholders of the West Baden Hotel Company was given In The News yesterday. It was ascertained tLat C. K. Ballard, stockholder. Is Kd Ballard. - Tha full list of stockholders of tha French Lick Springs Hotel Company, as given by President Tagrart, is: Thomas Taggarl J. T. Warthy, Crawford Fairbanks. Fairbanks. Walter Barnes. H. E. Thomas. W. H. McDoel and L. T. Dlckerson. It is said that Taggart owns all but a few shares ot the . stock. , , ... - When Hanly Geta Out, Look Out!" It Is not known whether Mr. Taggart and his attorneys still regard tbe State's crusade and efforts to stamp out gambling gambling here as a Joke, but evidently It la soaking' Into the employee of the two big hotels that the musical whirr of the roulette ball and tha call of "keno" will not be heard, abound tha hotel casino buildings, at least for some time. A vet. eran colored porter, wno was dsplorlng the cutting off ot his fruitful source of tips, declared last night: "Sure, there's be nothing do In' a round haah foh two year and six months, but when that Oov - nor Hanly geta out, look out!" Man that Resembled Ed Ballard. While Attorney - General Miller was lounging In , the 'rotunda of. tbe West Baden Hotel, after supper last evening, a two hundred and fifty - pound man. dressed in a white sweater, corduroy trousers, a wide brimmed riding hat' and hlgh - laced boots, came out of the hotel office and walked hurriedly across the rotunda and out into tba hotel grounds, Miller trot only a rear elevation of the Individual, but he hurried to the tele phone, and in twenty minutes deputy sheriff and constables were scouring about the hotel and over the grounds with instructions to arrest id uaiiard No. one, however, aaw tha two hundred and fifty - pound Individual, and It was reported reported that ha had ridden "back Into the hills." "The individual that walked over the rotunda looked to me like the original of the picture published tn The ' Newa laat week showing Ballard In hunting cos tume. He also, tilled all of tha details of the description that I have of him, said Attorney - General Miller, "but. of course, I could not swear It was Ballard." Whether tt wss Ballard or not the call - ing out of the constables and deputy eheclffs made public a fact that Miller has been trying to keep quiet that warrants warrants are out for the arrest of Ballard and that he Is also wanted as a witness. There are two warrants out for his sr - rest, one of which charges him with operating a gambling house. Probably Hiding in tha Hllla, Ballard returned from Hot ' Springs Saturday and was here Sunday for a short time, but he disappeared again. It was reported that he had gone to Cincinnati Cincinnati on business - It is believed, how ever, that he is "rusticating" with his friends "back in the hills." but that he is staying within riding distance of West Baden so that he may slip in to confer with Taggart and Sinclair. It also will be remembered that when "the men from tha hills." said to have hwn headed by John Ballard. Kd Ha Hard's brother, cams in last week and raided the Monte Carlo, which was then in charge of the State, they took ail of the rouiettt wheels with them "back Into the hills." The State, recalling that Jerome In his big Kew York raids, had found SO per cent, of the roulette wheels "crooked." or unfair. unfair. In that they could be manipulated or controlled by tha operators, to the logs of the players, especially regretted this loss, as It w!uei to investigate the wheels used here They are salt! to be "beck in the hills." though Miller, In court last week. t harged th:i. they had be - 1 tsken back o T.irxart'a hotel, and he at one time thought of getting out a wi rrant to search the hotel for them. To - day. however. Attorney - General Miller Miller and the local officers decided that the Do - pound individual waa not Ed Ballard. Ballard's friends Insist that he Is in Cincinnati. Witnesses Summoned. Attorney - General Miller shifted his base again to - day snd when Stats Auditor Warren Bigler and his deputies who closed his Investigation of the companies companies last night, left for Indianapolis this morning. Wilier accompanied them as fsr a PaolS, where he began to have aub - penae issued for tha trial to - morrow. Among the subpenaes waa or.e for Ed i - i.llard. He confirmed the report to - day that be had ttsked Krelyn Campbell and W. H. Culver, of the Htarst papers, to be here tn ",, r,n .h - atand aa witneaaee. but denied that he haa ever tnougnt oi navwg uearsc appear as a witness. The Btate' principal witnesses. Robert D. Machan snd James II. Manion. of Indianapolis: Indianapolis: R. Ilarry Ml!ler. of Falrmouut. and James M. Kletcber. of Winchester, will arrive in Haoll to - nighc 2S?&&t? wir js'TSi murrer. Tbe first arfuroetm will be - on that - Ther will of course set up tba plea of the good faith of the hotel companies to exclude ttx gamblers by the tiling of their ejectment suits, which - attorney Miller challenged aa "Jokes." Evidence Obtained by the State. Tba investigation of the companies tcade by the State Auditor placed a great deal of valuable Information . In the bands of the State, and . Attomey - General Miller Is guarding It. He does sot besltata to aay that be baa Information Information which at least ctoeely and directly connected "Ed" Ballard with tha West Baden Mont Carlo as the lessee - ln Issuing; the subpena to sppear st tbe trial to - mtrrow Attorney - General Miller bad Taggart summoned to bring; his - piuto" tradewinrk ' papers with him. This trademark shows Ua Bittsniq xzia - v r VI I rV L! orris tadlanaprjUs, Celunibus & Southern First Hcrtss. 596 Cands rail nartlcalart wUl te furaUhad upon appUcaUoa. First Morlflacic RICTIARDSON, KOTCE & IHL IS? Caast Market St. n 73 TT """ TT TT " IV Tl H - Reaources 9000,000 - Par 4 per cent Interest on six cent If drawn sooner. This makes until auch a time as you. want to (at your interest - CEHUAJI L'iVXSILiLM AND Wo Oiler tla Stock ot trtei on a Dails to Net ED WARED B. 207 - 308 JOHN C. LYON, Manaoer Big Contracts Involve big risks. ' The wise ni a n protects himself with' an Indemnity Bond .. - - .. i . The moat thoroughly satUfao tory bond lst offered by The Metropolitan Surety Co. Quick Action " Efficient Service GEO. W. PANGBORN India napslls Mgr. Central terse. - Arrr"'e Arret WmnUi I tssccsfisa T$rritri . I HAVE FOR GALE TAX EXEUPT PREFERRED STOCK That Nots 0 A. m TEionsbfj 204205 - 206 Sikt B!d. July w Investment List Ft. Wayne. Van Wert & Lima 5s Citizens Street Railway . . . 5s Indlanapollj Water . . . . . Sa Indianapolis & Northwestern 5s Kokomo, Marioa tt Western 5s Union Traction ol Indiana Sa Indianapolis. Col. 4 Southern 5s Indianapolis Street Railway 4s Jos. T. Elliott & Sons, at - sw Asaerleaa aTeatral Ufa esiMlag ; WE OFTER - refct. f t.eee nawstt Terrttery ....... aeae Harlaw eauaty, lad... ...fH .. Itsi laawta aaaif, laa S.Swe t Ity ef CrwwfMrdarii is.. ............. 4 S.toe 3 raaktew. lad. 4 a.eee its af nieUyvfJIv lM...... SAoe Iaks Cewsdy. lad.. 4 le.eee Kaat tvmntf, laaf 4V, 8 1. e Maahlaglew Tswnahtp, Haa. Cm.. 4 11 .See tareeaa teoaty, laat 4 Prices aad particulars npoa application. J.F.WILD&CO.t.., T" will buy Belt Railroad Stock Marion Trust Stock ee NEWTON TODD ieaty In. red and is used on all of tbe ofTI rial products, taper and records. of the ooznpcuiy. it aw waa useu on trie crups captured by tha State in its raid on - the Monte Carlo. Attorney - General Miller made another demand on Taggart to - day for the "Kd" Mallard lease, canceled in March, when the new lea re was made to ColgUtler. He was questioned concerning the terms of the lease, and he said he had about forgotten forgotten about It. but he thought It provided provided for the payment of flu.tuo a year to tbe hotel company. . . ?t

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  1. The Indianapolis News,
  2. 12 Jul 1906, Thu,
  3. Page 12

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