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ATTEMPT JOH CASINOS BLACKMAILERS' DEED Real Facts in Effort to Dynamite Gambling Resorts Are Brought to Light. TRIBUTE SOUGHT OF BALLARD Interest Awaits Judge Buskirk's Decision, Which Is Due Today. brief, tho Republicans feel thnt nil of tlm wind has boon taken out of tbo Democrat-lo Democrat-lo Democrat-lo sails on tho houBceteaning Isauor HEARST ATTACK CONT1NUE8. In BY LOUIG LUDLOW. FRENCH IJCIC, Ind., July 15; The renl nets ne to tho recent efforts to blow up the cnnlnoR nt French Lick and West linden hitvo como to light In connection with tho State's orusndo to radleato gambling from tho Fronoh Lick Valley. About two months ago an effort wan mndo to dynamite tho French Lick canine canine and two weeks later a similar attempt attempt was made at tho Wont Uadon Rambling resort. It wna heralded all over tho country that public opinion had become become nrousofl and that an outraged public public sentiment was finding vont In trying to wreck the warning plncca. The fact Is, however, that tho midnight attempts to demolish these two cntduoa wns-tho wns-tho wns-tho work of a Chicago concern which makes a business of levying tribute on boss gamblers. Ed Ballard, who oponiteH the casinos at French Lick and West Baden, was selected as a shining mailt. A threatening letter was .sent to htm In which n demand was mndo for $10 a day. Tho letter slated that unless tho money was forthcoming his Orange County gambling place would be destroyed. Ballard Ballard paid nb attention to this lettor and It was followed by others. Finally, by way of emphasizing their demand, tho iiounip men had sievenu sticks of dynn mite laid on tho stens of IJallard'H rest donee. Still ho refused to yield to their .nnnoi'Lumties aiu then roi owed the un Kiicoessful attempts to blow up the two IHilKlIIlK". ttnllnrd lias tho lottors from the black mailing concern still in his possession and recently he showed them to some of his close friends in the Kronen ijlnlt viillev The State, in securing the dismantling of tho two casinos, has dono what could not lie accomplished by the use of dynamite. Ballard stated to his friends to whom ho showed the letters that there- there- are several concerns In the country that - make It i heir business to levy trlbulo on gam inern. Attorney Genernl Mfilcr, Deputy Attorney Attorney General Hadloy and other emls-, emls-, emls-, snrlcs of tho State spent a quiet Sunday at tho Colonial Hotel, which Is about midway midway between French Lick and W'-st W'-st W'-st Baden. The State ofllclals have not visited the French Lick and West Baden hotels except on business. Decision Today. Tt Is probable that thoro will bo a large audience In court nt it o'clock tomorrow morning when Judge TUiskirlt will bund down bts decision in the cases of tho Stato to forfeit the charters of the French Lick nnd West Hadon Hotel Companies. . If the Judge sustains tho demurrer filed by Mr. Tuggart's attorneyo the proceedings proceedings in tho Orange Circuit Court will end and tbo Stato will take an appeal to tho fiuprome Court. If tho demurrer Is overruled overruled testimony will be taken on tho question question of tho nppointment of tompornry receivers receivers and tho ls'suanco of temporary ro-stralni)r ro-stralni)r ro-stralni)r orders ponding a llnal hearing. The ovliltMirn will enter fullv Into the sub ject of gambling nt French Lick and Went I3aden. Tho witnesses for both sides will be In court tomorrow morning ready to take tho stand In case the demurrer is overruled. The helief Is general here that the judge will sustain the demurrer. Ills decision will be carefully prepared and In writing. The political effect of tiio nntl-gnmbllng nntl-gnmbllng nntl-gnmbllng crusade is a cause oi mucn speculation. Republicans generally derive a great deal of comfort from It. Prior to the gambling exposes tho Democratic leaders had placed much dependonco on "a thorough huusocleaulng" ns their chief Stato Issue. Issue. It had been arranged to sound tho slogan all ovor the Stale for a cleaning out of the Stato House. Now the Republicans Republicans have turned tho tables, and are pointing out that no party on earth needs a hoUHeclenning more than the one whose lender is the sponsor for a "Monto Carlo." The Republicans also are making much of the fact that John W. Kern, twice candidate candidate for Governor on tho Democratic ticket, and Milton Hottel. Democratic nominee for Appellate Judga In tho present present campaign, nre attorneys for tho defense defense In tho gfimhllng suits. This, they Insist, adds to the bad record of tho Dem ocrats on tho houscclcanlug question. In Taoonrt Pictured as Rod Devil "Pluto' Chicago American, The nttnek of Wllllnm Randolph Hearst on National ChoTrmnn Tuggart continued yesterday In Hearst's Chicago American under headlines which proclaimed Tng-garf Tng-garf Tng-garf as "Denounced 'Worse Than Murderer Murderer " Tho attack was directed toward fastening iho responsibility for gnmbllng at French Lick upon tho national chairman chairman by means of tho "Pluto" trndenmrk, lined, It Is said, on the French Lick pokor chips. A cartoon depicts Taggart in a characteristic nttitudo, as national chairman chairman ond In another poso as "Pluto. Tho American sayB: "Tom Taggart Is defending with the irrniitnRt lnirnl tnlnnl hn ran emnloV 111 In diana the Little Rod Devil, a copyrighted trade mark which appears on an mo paraphernalia paraphernalia used In this, the biggest and most. notorious gamming renui i. m ; America. I "Tho Little Red Devil 1ft a precious I trademark. Tho United States uovorn-mcnt uovorn-mcnt uovorn-mcnt at Washington onjoins all othor persons from using tho Imp as a trade symbol. Taggart himself owns Hint trndo- trndo- maric. ror a roe no gave mo i-niem i-niem i-niem Odlco he 1b solo proprietor of that patent. Taggart could suo and recovor damages wore that Llttlo Red Devil to go on another's another's goods. Devil Everywhere. "Thnt Little Red Devil Is nn the stationery stationery used hv his hotel. ("Input r stnvinir at his place write letters with Iho trade- trade- mara atiacnea. u is on mo envelopes, ic Is used on the hotel linen. It Is stamned on the French Lick cullery. No article of furniture at Taggart's French Lick gatn- gatn- uiiiig iiuuse is ireo i rum mo oovinsu picture. picture. "Ono sees It on cases of his Pluto water water that am shipped from that gambling den. Tho Little Red Devil, lllto New York's Littlo Black Man, Is responsible for all of his advertising. Taggart was BciEed with tho idea that the Llttlo Red Devil was tho very thing for him in tho mattor of a trado mark so soon as ho had set eyes on It. That whh two years ago Willie nsflnnlntnrl with Ammat llrilinnnr the king of gamblers In tho East, In tho effort to make Parker President of tho uiuieu aiaios, "Had PnrlliT linvn wnn Wnn-ivirt Wnn-ivirt Wnn-ivirt rinttVit. less would liavo claimed that it was tho mime oi inn jjituo ued Devli. Tho Llttlo Llttlo Rod Devil, according to Taggart, typl fldH limit la n nt A U stands for health; is a magic wand that umigH lununes. "Tho Littlo Rod Dovll stood for Taggart Taggart so long as Taggart ran the foulost of gambling dens without mulestntlon. tin had the picture painted on nil tho chips-Ivory chips-Ivory chips-Ivory and celluloid used by his sub-gamblers. sub-gamblers. sub-gamblers. They clicked In Impish delight when the unwary tried to beat his game. They rattled as If in laughter when uroitcn and ronnod tno poor human devils, Induced by Tuggart's "cappers" to play his games, wont away with bowed heads and (lushed faces. "Taggart owns tho Littlo Red Devil. Yot .ho says ho knows nothing about tho gambling gamos; that they were inn Independently Independently of htm; that hu was not a party to nnv of the mollis: thnt hln lintnl ' ! nntl tho gambling swindles were two sep- sep- '"' ilNU UIOlllILl lIliUlllllllMlM. "That Is what ho is fighting for now: to try and convince tin eoorln thnt mnh a flimsy, transparent story Is really so." TAGGART MEETS FAIRBANKS. Spends Day at Homo City and Holds Conference Conference With Party Leaders. Thomas Taggart, chairman of tho Dem-cratlc Dem-cratlc Dem-cratlc national committee, was In Indianapolis Indianapolis yesterday nnd held a short con ference with Chairman W, II. O'Hrlon nnd Secretary Joe Rellly of the Democratic State committee. The greater part of the day Mr. Taggart spent with Crawford Fairbanks. It Is said that tho consultation with Mr, Fairbanks concerning tho Fronoh Lick sltuntion was tho real purpose of thoi visit to Indianapolis and that tho meeting meeting with Messrs. O'Brien and Rellly was merely incidental. Mr. Taggart was not communloatlve either as to the matters at Frencli Lick or tho Hearst attack which was continued against him with renewed vigor yesterday. yesterday. "There Is nothing new at French Lick," said Mr. Taggart. "We aro merely awaiting awaiting Iho decision of tho Judges, which will bo given tomorrow. When this Is announce announce we will know whero wo aro and what to do next, if it Is necessary to do anything." Mr. Taggart's Hmllo was a minus quantity quantity until tho Hearst tirade was men-t men-t men-t lonod. Then It became expressive ns only that partloular smllo can. Still Mr. Taggart would only romark that ho had no tli in r- r- to sav about the matter. He expreBsort himself ns well satisfied with tho result of tho county convention of Saturday. Mr. Taggart left for French .lick on tno 4 o cloeic train. HEAVY YIELD OF WHEAT. NORLKSVILLIC, Ind., July IB. Frank Shyrock, living southwest of this city, had tho best yield of wheat that has yot been reported In this locality. Ho thrashed 850 bushels from seven ncros, an avorngo of fifty busholH, Tho grain tested sixty-three sixty-three sixty-three and ono-hnlf ono-hnlf ono-hnlf pounds.

Clipped from
  1. The Indianapolis Star,
  2. 16 Jul 1906, Mon,
  3. Page 5

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