Jiggers Hudson 6-30-1949

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Jiggers Hudson 6-30-1949 - Page 12 WAYNE GUTHRIE Ringside in Hoosierland...
Page 12 WAYNE GUTHRIE Ringside in Hoosierland Of all the nicknamei carried by policemen in thU city, none ever bai seemed to me to carry any more zip and ring than Jiggers, the monicker hung on Orville Hudson, who had served 29 years on the force when he retired in 1940. In those years. Jiggers moved up and down the ladder of ranks like an elevator in a building, but his name indeed was bad news to those engaged in crime and vice. Well do I recall that more than 25 years ago, when he was put back in charge of a vice squad, a reporter typed off the terse lead to the story: "Jiggers Is Back." The other day I had a visit with Jiggers at his home, 3510 E. 10th St., and we reminisced. He was delighted to have a visitor. Since his retirement the dread disease, diabetes, has struck a blow at him, and only a few weeks ago it was necessary to remove his right leg. But, serious as that was, it couldn't whip old Jiggers. He wants his old copper friends to drop in to see him. Many do, but he'd like to see What a spirit old Jiggers has. Why, do you know what he yelled to me out through the door as I was leaving? I'll tell you: "I'm getting my new leg pretty soon, and then I'll be up and around like new." Now he gets around in a wheel chair or with crutches, and through it all, as well as through his weeks and weeks of hospitalization, his loyal wife has stood constantly at more of them. I Jiggers Hudson his side. He calls her his right arm. Baseball Listener As he lay on the couch in the sun parlor, talking away, he had his radio turned down low and he listened to a big league baseball broadcast. Jiggers was always red hot baseball fan, and in that respect, we had a mutual interest. He recalled that when he went on the force in 1911, his first partner was the late Pat Roache, who later turned out to be one of the best detectives the city ever had. In those days, he said with a laugh, he was once a member of the bicycle squad, riding out of the Haughville Fire Substation for some time. Later the bike men operated from headquarters, and he had as his partner Irvin Landers. With the passing years, the bicycles were displaced by automobiles. Jiggers said a ward big-wig of his own political party once took a dislike for hira. It took this chap a year to get his revenge, Jiggers explained, but he got in his licks in the form of a demotion. Jiggers .said the dislike stemmed from the time be found It necessary to subdue the man in question when the latter insisted on interfering and becoming a bother as Jiggers and his squad were taking a couple of automobile thieves into custody. Jiggers said he not only subdued the fellow but he even took him into custody, hauled him down to police headquarters and preferred charges against him. Patrol Wagon Best Job The Democratic police chief told Jiggers, "They're after you,fbut I'll give you a better job." And he did. He put Jiggers on the patrol wagon. "And it was the best job I ever had as far as the work was concerned," Jiggers added. Jiggers is an avid hunter and fisherman, and it was a sad blow when the family physician first told him he could do no more hunting. When he regained consciousness after an operation he thought he saw quail, rabbits and other game around the feet of the doctor. So he warned the physician he was going to shoot them but that he wouldn't hit him. Then, in his mind, he said, "I emptied the pump gun." But, of course, it was all an hallucination. Laughingly, Jiggers recalled the time he fired at a fleeing car in West 10th Street. The bullet struck the pavement, ricocheted and hit the man, a then familiar police character, behind the ear. Little Injury was caused. When the case came up in court, the judge asked Jiggers, who was then a lieutenant: "Lieutenant, how come you didn't kill this fellow when you shot him in the head?" "Oh, it was just his hard head that saved him, Vour Honor," Jiggers answered. Then, on another occasion, a woman who was a frequent "visitor" to police court tried to stick Jiggers with a hat pin when he tried to take her into custody along the canal. Thereupon he slapped her, knocking her into the canal, and it was necessary, as he put it, to "fish her out."

Clipped from
  1. The Indianapolis News,
  2. 30 Jun 1949, Thu,
  3. Page 12

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  • Jiggers Hudson 6-30-1949

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