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Alcas - Statue of Liberty Knife - 1986 - Full Page - LifeStyle The Indianapolis Star FRIDAY, JULY 4,...
LifeStyle The Indianapolis Star FRIDAY, JULY 4, 1986 t PAGE 42 Chevy showoff a worthy cause If you have wheels (especially a' 1955 Chevy convertible) and like to have fun the Barry Krauss Foundation has a great weekend lined up for you later this month. The first Barry Krauss Road Rally and All-Chevy All-Chevy All-Chevy Car Show is set for July 19. Both are benefit events for the Indianapolis Colt linebacker's linebacker's foundation aimed at prevention prevention of child abuse and neglect. The public Is invited to test wits and sense of direction in the 10 a.m. rally starting at Bud Wolf Chevrolet in Broad Ripple. The rally Is open to all makes and models and will offer first-, first-, first-, second- second- and third-place third-place third-place trophies. Registration for the All-Chevy All-Chevy All-Chevy Show begins at 10 a.m. in the tent area of the Indianapolis Motor Motor Speedway. The first 100 Chevy owners to enter can participate participate in the noon to 5 p.m. showing. Awards will be presented, presented, along with those for the rally, in 5 p.m. ceremonies at the Speedway tent area. The post-rally post-rally post-rally party includes food, prizes and an auction, celebrities celebrities and live entertainment. The entry fee for the Chevy show Is $20, except for owners of '55 Chevys (that's Barry's Colt number, remember), who pay only $15. The public is invited to the Chevy show. Admission is ' $5, or $3 for children under 12. Entry fee for the road rally is $25 for a family or $55 for corporate corporate participation. Deadline is July 12. Contact Jim Bell, 291-2687. 291-2687. 291-2687. Entry blanks for both events are available at Wolf Chevrolet and all Guarantee Auto Stores. Oh. yes: If you have a '55 Chevy convertible, please contact Claudia Claudia Bell. 291-2687. 291-2687. 291-2687. Entry checks should be made out to the Barry Krauss Foundation. Foundation. All entry fees include a celebration, celebration, or motivational party, the night before July 18 at the Indiana World War Memorial. Memorial. Puma will entertain and there'll there'll be food and refreshments at the 8 p.m. event. WIBC's Big John Gillis will be emcee. Sponsors are Bud Wolf Chevrolet, Chevrolet, Guarantee Auto and UPS Next Day Air. Bod Wolf Is chairman chairman of the project. After a little over a year of first-time first-time first-time activities and projects, Barry's foundation is really picking picking up steam. He's about to make his first award to a youth program. Symphony party parties The party wagon, loaded up at this spring's "Let Us Entertain Entertain You" party auction staged by the Symphony Women's Committee, is off and rolling. Some of the social gatherings, sold at an elegant dinner dance to raise money for the Indianapolis Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, revolve revolve around the orchestra's performances. performances. Principal harpist Diane Evans and her husband, Jerry Mayer, entertained at a French tailgate picnic before a Symphony on the Prairie concert recently for the auction chairman, Diana Nering; husband Ted, and their guests. The Evans-Mayer Evans-Mayer Evans-Mayer picnic included included French bread, pates, sausages and cold cuts, fruit and cheese, chocolate goodies and wine. The Junior Group of the Symphony Symphony Women's Committee offered offered a picnic box supper by Something Different caterers, which was bought by the immediate immediate past president of the Women's Women's Committee, Anna White, and husband Jim. Chairman of the Symphony board Henry Ryder and wife Vel will follow an international theme for their pre-concert pre-concert pre-concert pic-" pic-" pic-" nic. They're offering the pur- pur- chasers of their party. Bernle ' and Don Ricketts, and their guests a menu ranging from gaz-pacho gaz-pacho gaz-pacho salad to a three-mousse three-mousse three-mousse fish terraine and a chocolate torte. all served with appropriate "wines. The Women's Committee Invites Invites all music-lovers music-lovers music-lovers to create their own special parties for the Symphony on the Prairie series. The concerts run through July : 30, with Conner Prairie gates opening at 5:30 p.m. for picnicking picnicking and tours. (Or guests may purchase foods at the Fare thee Well restaurant on the grounds or from Around the World Catering. Catering. Painting The Town By DONNA S. MULLINIX To reserve picnic tables In advance (for a $10 charge), call 773-0666. 773-0666. 773-0666. For ticket Information call the Circle Theatre box office, 639-4300. 639-4300. 639-4300. Jazz and cars The Holiday Inn North at the Pyramids has been a busy place this week. Hot on the heels of the popular Great American Race festival Tuesday night Is this weekend's Jazz Artists Musical, Musical, otherwise known as JAM 86. The first traditional Jazz festival festival to be staged here In many years, the three-day three-day three-day event is the baby of longtime Indianapolis Jazz Club supporters John Ker-cheval Ker-cheval Ker-cheval and Bill York. The event, sold only as a three-day three-day three-day package except for Sunday night's 7 p.m. to 1 1 p.m. Jam session, exceeded expectations, expectations, and already plans are underway underway for an expanded format next year. Some of the best-known best-known best-known names in traditional Jazz (Milt Hinton, Yank Lawson, Eddy Hlg-gins, Hlg-gins, Hlg-gins, Bob Haggart, Billy Butter-field, Butter-field, Butter-field, Ernie Carson, Rex Allen, for instance) are on the docket for the festival, which begins at 7 p.m. tonight. The Great American Race party Tuesday night could have been an utter disaster, thanks to the persistent rain that ranged from a downpour to a drizzle all evening long. But between the race organizers, the Holiday Inn and their vendors. It was a smash hit Instead. The dedicated car fanciers did their browsing In the north parking lot from under umbrellas. umbrellas. Then they Joined the mob inside that milled about eating, drinking, buying souvenirs of the cross-country cross-country cross-country classic, chatting chatting with the drivers and navigators navigators and listening to the top-notch top-notch top-notch entertainment. Former Hoosier newsman (from Madison) and "500"-type "500"-type "500"-type race publicist Phil Cole managed to work in chats with old friends amid production of various press releases, ending with an update of the day's happenings that he said would be put under each participant's hotel room door during the night. The Indianapolis Colts naturally - won the Ribs for Riley contest, with most of the credit for rib-consumption rib-consumption rib-consumption going to strength coach Tom Zupanclc. But the Colts team (including Dave Ahrens, Barry Krauss and friend Jim Bell) had some good competition. And everyone. Including Including the members of the crowd who paid the $4 tab for a rib dinner (to benefit Riley Hospital Hospital for Children), enjoyed some good munchin'. Riley benefited from the entire entire event, as a matter of fact. The organizer for the hotel, Cyn-dee Cyn-dee Cyn-dee Powell, said vendors were unbelievably generous and enthusiastic enthusiastic in their support of the project. The crowd loved their "visual aids," such as the giant-sized giant-sized giant-sized California Cooler. Miller beer can, etc. 1 Also on Paint's palette: The Indianapolis Sailing Club Memorial Regatta will be sailed Saturday and Sunday in remembrance of those whose contributions over its 31 -year -year history have added to Its stature as one of the finest inland sailing sailing facilities in the country. More than 100 sailboats are expected to compete for trophies in the four race series to be held on Geist Reservoir. Spectators are welcome for the races scheduled at 10:30 a.m. and 2 p.m. each day. The club is located at 1 1325 Fall Creek Road. A Fourth of July party Is planned tonight at the Fireside at the Heliport. Guests can dine then view, the Indiana National Bank fireworks from the new rooftop observation deck. Barbecued Barbecued ribs, hamburgers, corn on the cob, cole, slaw, baked beans and beverages will be served for $6.95. Some guests may choose to see the holiday action from a helicopter, so there the regular Friday and Saturday night Fly and Dine package will be offered. Big John Gillis of WIBC radio will greet guests along with the Andy Hohlts. -r -r The Land of the Free, Home of the Buck? By SALLY FALK STAR HOME FURNISHINGS EDITOR Statue of Liberty paraphernalia paraphernalia salutes the relighting of the statue In New York City and the Liberty Centennial Celebration this weekend. Patriotism is big this Fourth of July. Take Mrs. Robert Longshore of Kokomo, for instance. She says American has become an eight-letter eight-letter eight-letter dirty word and she's tired of sitting back and taking It. So she's collected a Statue of Liberty outfit and says every Fourth of July from now on. she's going to wear it. It's going to be her trademark. Purchased for a Lady Liberty ' party held last Sunday, the outfit includes a T-shirt, T-shirt, T-shirt, a large brooch, collectible white leather boots and a "humongous" rhine-stone rhine-stone rhine-stone necklace. The T-shirt T-shirt T-shirt sports a punky version of Miss Liberty which sparkles with rhinestones. The shoes boast sewn-on sewn-on sewn-on appliques appliques of red-white-and-blue red-white-and-blue red-white-and-blue red-white-and-blue red-white-and-blue red-white-and-blue red-white-and-blue flags and the statue. Both the big shirt and boots are from Her-schel's Her-schel's Her-schel's Shoes in the Fashion Mall at Keystone at the Crossing Resembling wrestling boots, the white leather high-tops high-tops high-tops come with this hand-lettered hand-lettered hand-lettered warning: "Caution. Dear Valued Customer, Customer, Please do not wear these shoes outside the United States, as being proud of your country may prove hazardous to your health." "The shoes were not really cheap $52 and 1 don't like to waste money," says Mrs. Longshore. But she bought the shoes because she needed them for the party, she liked them as collectibles and she loved them because she loves her country. "I really don't specialize in anything like Miss Liberty," she says. "I talked myself into them because they're commemorative memorabilia. One of these days they may be bronzed. "This whole publicity that the Statue of Liberty is getting is phenomenal. I have never been a person who enjoyed flying a flag at my home, but this year I'm flying a flag. There more to it than the commercialism," she adds. "What really made me buy them is that I'm sick and tired of being a dirty word. I'm ready to ' take anyone on. I think I would travel to Iran wearing this outfit I would definitely wear it to the Royal Gallery. It's a passive way of being aggressive, venting frustration and speaking out to foreign visitors that I am proud," says the American whose grandfather grandfather lived on Crete and grandmother grandmother on the other side was American Shawnee Indian. Middle America Is known for its fierce patriotic pride. So where's the preponderance of the Statue of Liberty stuff that's inundating the East Coast? No one was selling green foam crowns on street corners this week and department stores are more into Hawaiian prints than stars and stripes forever. Sears, Roebuck & Co., though, has plenty of paraphernalia paraphernalia available through a special catalog. How about some wonderful wonderful Statue of Liberty memorabilia, memorabilia, signed by Lee Iacocca, which makes it a treasure in itself? Sears has watches, key chains, coins, spoons, bells, thimbles, ash trays, picture frames, coffee cups, glasses, tumblers, miniature statues, pewter, crystal, glass, a wooden plaque with the history of the statue and the piece de ress-tance, ress-tance, ress-tance, fragments of granite from the actual statue In a drawstring pouch. For $275. there's a 21 -inch -inch statue or for $75 you can buy an 1 1 -Inch -Inch model. "There's wristwatches and pocket watches. We have glasses. glasses. We have vases like bud vases in crystal and we also have them in pewter. We have a thimble, thimble, a spoon, we have a dinner bell and here's the torch." says Myrna Redenbarger of catalog sales. "Oh. that's a paper weight, there's an ashtray, picture picture frame and a letter opener. We've got a parchment certifi- certifi- v w Lady's for ' mSu Sunglasses, swimsuits, T-shirts, T-shirts, T-shirts, cate. a clock, mugs and glasses of all sizes." The dinner bell has a pewter handle, stands 4 Inches tall and costs $20. The thimble is $6, the pewter spoon is $7. Maybe the Statue of Liberty barrage will Just now get under way. The birthday of the unveiling unveiling of the statue Isn't actually until Oct. 28. 1986 anyway. County Line Mall in Greenwood Greenwood plans to have its Statue of Liberty display up through the end of July. The highlight of the display is an 8-foot-tall 8-foot-tall 8-foot-tall 8-foot-tall 8-foot-tall statue which once rode on a float and one of the largest flags in the state. The display is the creation creation of Charles R." Ayres. The flag is his the last time he displayed It was for the Bicentennial. Bicentennial. The big bear-selling bear-selling bear-selling season Is yet to come, so the Statue of Libearty is still available at Animal Animal Express in Union Station. "There are a lot of bear collectors collectors who collect throughout the year, but the biggest time is the Christmas buying season," says owner Barry Irons. Two weeks ago, a mother and pre-teen pre-teen pre-teen daughter picked out a Miss Libearty. They wanted it as a toy. as a patriotic item and as a collectible with a future, he explains. explains. , Garbed in green velvet and crowned with a foam tiera. the bear Is a limited edition: "She's manufactured by the North American Bear Co. out of Chicago. Chicago. Mainly, the North American Bear Co. started with different theme bears. Every year they come out with one or two new bears. This year is Statue of Libearty." Libearty." Irons says. Sales for Statue of Libearty have been good. Animal Express has sold six of them and still has some left. Kits and Kaboodle sold out of Statue of Libearty at both its Downtown and Glendale stores, but they still have a lot of color PLANTS KJfiwfr iPINK & WHITE -Slm -Slm 6- 6- $xr $5998 Md J&MSk SILK 5755 E. 86th Street 3Soir Ca8tle,n We ofler iestaurant office desfe Co11 M1-8500L M1-8500L M1-8500L PLANTS TREES FLOWERS ' o I An o l flrr rrvj iu jcrr n I I cocnn teddy bears are all part of Statue of Liberty merchandise glut. ful Miss Liberty Jigsaw puzzles at $11.95 each. Geared for children, children, the puzzles are made of washable rubber. Lazarus has the official adult version jigsaw puzzles. Four sophisticated sophisticated poses are available at $8 each. L.S. Ayres & Co. opted for some pretty sophisticated foods to salute the statue. Commemorative Commemorative tins hold French milk chocolate. New Jersey pretzels and French cookies made in Belgium. Block's department store sold out ot its 262 small Keep the -Torch -Torch Lit statues at $50 each. The bonded marble ladies are licensed, scale models. The store also has larger, 1 8-inch-tall 8-inch-tall 8-inch-tall 8-inch-tall 8-inch-tall statues statues which now are on sale for $49.99. marked down from $75. Of the 244 Block's bought originally, originally, less than 20 are left. While the statues were good sellers. Block's also bought a Statue of Liberty bathing suit that took a nosedive. They're marked down to $24.99. The sales clerk who showed one off wasn't taken with the design. Maybe that's because so much of the Statue of Liberty apparel Is white with a black pattern and red accents. The white background background may seem a bit blah to flag-waving flag-waving flag-waving patriots, even though red, white and black are important fashion colors. If you're into teal, fuchsia and blue Statue of Liberty silhouettes, silhouettes, check out the small metal cutouts at It's a Small World in Greenwood Park Mall. Teamed with tiny teddy bears, these cutouts cutouts represent Miss Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal, the Pyramids and pink flamingos and they're made in Taiwan. Also made in Taiwan is Avon's brass stamp wall plaque, reproducing the 1922 Statue of Liberty stamp. An official sponsor, sponsor, Avon is promoting the restoration restoration as a "monumental makeover" makeover" with a line of "Liberty Z SILK JASMINE BUSH 5' 54998 Peach or White 4. $2498 5- 5- 2998 6' $398 r $7998 8 $9998 9- 9- 24998 Q' duoiuii rtniw Small XT $898 Medium Sff Large JX $1398 $1898 ETC. sale STAR STAFF PHOTO JEFF ATTEBERRY Look" makeup; 250 Avon Liberty Liberty hostesses are serving, as guides this weekend at the Lib; erty Centennial Celebration in New York City. t For $5 you could get a Statu of Liberty button at Anthony's in Union Station which plays Th Star Spangled Banner. Made-rt Made-rt Made-rt Taiwan for the Electric Button Co., the musical buttons proclaim proclaim God Bless America, Sweet Land of Liberty and American and Proud of It. Roy Cook, manager, manager, says Anthony's gave moiv-ey moiv-ey moiv-ey for the statue's restoration and has sold several dozen of the musical buttons plus plenty ;of lapel pins and even Statue -of -of Liberty weathervane bookmarks. Collectors are cashing in on. their favorite items. Knife collectors collectors have several choices in a range of prices. Case Knives offers offers limited edition bone-handled bone-handled bone-handled "Gateway to Freedom" knives at $79.95. Schrade has limited edition edition knives at $100 and ALCAS Cutlery Corp. has anodlzed metal models for only $24.95. Cutlery World did have Buck knives at $49.95. but sold out. Still available at the Greenwood Greenwood store are Buck knives mounted on a walnut shelf. The handles are wood recycled from the doors of Ellis Island facilities. Price is $175. Less expensive are shiny Statue of Liberty helium balloons. balloons. Yet they're not big sellers at the Friends and Neighbors cart In the Union Station food court. Only two or three a day are sold. Price is $3.50 a bit pricey for a balloon, but what price liberty? ; Simple: $8,649. That's how much the FXRS Harley-Davidson Harley-Davidson Harley-Davidson Liberty Edition motorcycle cost. Keystone Kawasaki Harley-Davidson Harley-Davidson Harley-Davidson Suzuki only had one of the silver and black machines. They had it for five or,-six or,-six or,-six months. Two weeks ago it sold. UAYS' ONLY H0UHS: CLOSED JULY 4lh" Sat 1(W , . . Sua. Noon 5 - ' If

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