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AWAIT PRAGUE REPLY TODAY; CABINET'S ALL-NIGHT SESSION DEBATES "NATIONAL SUICIDE" ''Unconditional Acceptance" Alone Can Prevent Inva sion, Is Notice Given to Bencs' Government by Paris and London. NAZIS READY TO MARCH Paris, Sept. 21. (Wednesday ) (U.P.i Great Britain and France early today notified Czechoslovakia that her answer to Adolf Hitler's ulllmntum is unsatisfactory and that Prague must deliver "unconditional acceptance" within 24 hours or bear the consequences of Invasion, It as learned authoritatively, It was established that the Prague government, instead of bowing to Franco-British pressure for surrender of the Sudeten border areas to Germany, pleaded for more time and an opportunity for further .negotiations. Britain and France, after deciphering the coded note relayed by their ministers in Prague, were said to have warned that Hitler hns "issued marching orders" meaning smashing invasion across the Czech frontier to be effective lale Tluirsday unless Czechoslovakia surrenders to his demands. In London, diplomatic correspondents reported that the British and French ministers to Prague had made joint "demarches" to the Pracue eovernment, urging it to accept Ihe Anglo-French plan "in view of the urgency of the situation." Pass Threat to Prague. H was stated on authority that the British and French govern ments adopted the same attitude toward Prague's reply that unless the Czechs reconsider their repiy and submit unconditionally both powers will stand aside and leavt the Czech lo bear the conse quences alone. t (In I'linncc on Will muci n if ported "marching orders," Ward Price of the London Daily Mail, who is close to Hitler, said Tuesday night. In a radio broadcast to the United Slates that. Hitler wil "most, assuredly march into L.ecn oslovakla by Ihe end of this month unless his demands are complied with.") Britain and France were said to have informed President Eduard Bcnes and the Czech Cabinet that Prague's unconditional surrender must bo obtained before Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain of Great Britain meets with Hitler at Godesberg on the left, bank of the Rhine at 3 ft. m. Thursday. It. was indicated that this new Anglo-French pressure on the Czechs might have been responsible for the presumed one-day postponement of the Hitler-Chamber-lain meeting. It had been generally assumed that the meeting would occur Wednesday. "Race Against Time." The new French and British pressure against Prague will continue through today, It was stated. It was said in Paris that the slatemeht of the Czech News Agency in Prague that Czechoslovakia had "demanded" that Britain and France "reconsider" their sup port or Hitlers ultimatum apparently was Issued to placate extraneous Czech opinion. France, for her part, told Prague that the crisis had developed into a race against time a Czech surrender before Hitler marches. An unconditional Czech capitula tion Is the only means left to France of making a "graceful exit" from the situation without a showdown on her pledged word to tight beside the Czechs in event of an un provoked aggression. If Prague surrenders, the Paris government will be able to say that the ques tion of military aid never actually arose the Germans did not attack. Chamberlain Won't Cancel? Thus France might assert that she never violated her word, and never Intends to. French diplomats believed that if all efforts fail to break down the Czechs' stand, Chamberlain will cancel his visit to Hitler and that Der Fuehrer will act without delay. From London, howevei, came re ports that Chamberlain is, deter mined to fly to his meeting with Hitler regardless of Czechoslo vakia's final position. Odd Fellows, Auxiliary Choose Their Leaders Oklahoma City, Okla., Sept. 20. (if) Burton A. Gaskill of At lantic City, N. J., was elected grand sire of the soverign Grand Lodge of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows at its international convention here today. Mrs. Har rlet Reeves of Boston. Mass., was elected International president of ithe Association of Rebekah Assem blies. BOSS Little Republic's "Demand" For Reconsideration Is Countered With Adolf Hitler's Call for Immediate Capitulation. PLEAS BASED ON TREATY Prague, Sept. 21. (Wednesday) (U.P.) Faced with the imminent threat of German invasion, President Eduard Benes and his Inner cabinet early today hopelessly pondered a demand from Britain and France that they agree unconditionally to Fuehrer Adolf Hitler's demands or face Der Fuehrer's war machine alone. At 2 a. m., the British and ' French ministers handed to Benes a demarche demanding a "yes" or "no" answer to their partition proposal. They must have asked nn immediate answer, for despite the hour, Benes called his inner cab inet into Immediate session. The British and French ministers walled at the presidential palace until 3:30 a. m., while Benes and hi.-, conferees conferred on what they see only as "national suicide.' At 4:30 a. m., the Inner cabinet was st ill In session. It, was indicated a full cabinet meeting would be called, after which Czechoslovakia's final answer would be made. Earlier Answer Rejected. London and -Paris were, reported,, on unimpeachable authority to have Informed Prague that the Czech answer delivered late yes lerday, asking for "further negotiations," was unsatisfactory and to have demanded flat acceptance of the dismemberment plan within 24 hours or face Invasion alone. (In London last night information was received that Hitler has massed 22 German divisions, normally totaling 330,000 men, on the Czech frontier, ready to march at hlR command.) Earlier, Prague had played for time with a suggestion to Britain and France that Hitler's ultimatum be carried before the Hague court for International justice or some other arbitration body. This suggestion was bolstered by Ihe assertion that a revision of the frontier would create enormous constitutional difficulties. Majority Vote Needed. Under the constitution of this post-war republic, Britain and France were told, only, the national ass?mbly can alter the frontiers and it is unlikely that a majority for Hitler's dismemberment ultimatum could be found. Therefore, Prague said, the Sudeten German minority dispute can best he solved if the "integrity and dignity" of the Czech state is maintained. Prague, it appeared, is playing not only for time but for a possible "revolt" on the part of French and British public opinion that may force the western powers to reconsider their support of Hitler. Hitler Bars Any Delay. From Berlin, however, came angry assertions that Hitler demands an immediate and almost unconditional surrender of the Sudeten areas and has fixed a time limit some said 10 days for their Incorporation in the Reich and would permit no diplomatic delays. Hitler's impatience was disturbing because 1,000,000 or more troops are poised, awaiting only his order to invade Czechoslovakia. The government's reply, which reached the British and French governments tonight, was said to refer to the German-Czechoslovak arbitration treaty of 1925 which was Incorporated in the now-dead Locarno treaty. It was asserted in the note, however, that Germany in 1936 and again this year recognized the validity of the treaty of arbitration. Czechoslovakia's proposal was said to contemplate arbitration before The Hague Court of International Justice, by a special committee of one German, one Czech and three neutrals or by a permanent arbitration committee to be set, up by the powers. Want More Leniency. The note to Britain and France says In its preface that the sacrifices which Britain and France want Czechoslovakia to make would leave it a mere "puppet state" without any foreign policy, defenses or independent commerce. The reply made it clear that the government expects the British and French governments to exert themselves to obtain more lenient terms from Hitler, supposedly when Der Fuehrer and Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain confer at Godesberg on the Rhine Thursday. The Cabinet's formal communique announcing tha dispatch Turn To Pag 4, Column 5i

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