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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana • 3

The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana • 3

Indianapolis, Indiana
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WSWISMK i THE INDIANAPOLIS STAR TUESDAY JULY 28 1912 3 UU Allp I i jiiipWBWWRJWRW 4 BATTLE ORDERS THRILL ARMIES Hoosier Citizen Soldiers Will As sail Regular Battalions in Sun rise ight Tomorrow ACE TIRESOME HIKE TODAY GuardsmenMust March to Posi tion to Begin Encounter Bridge Immune The Indiana national guard brigadeIth its field hospital and signal corpswill break camp at ort Benjamin Harri son late this afternoon and will start oft on a long hike preparatory to a sham battle with the irst and Second Bat talions of the Twenty third Infantry at sunrise tomorrow morning The regulars comprising a army will be in trenched about a mile north of the campTheir forces will number approximately 100 men who will to hold their position against the attacking brigade of the guard 'numbering about 1800 men The guardsmen will be forced accord ing to the provisions of the war problem prepared by Maj Hagadorn Twen ty third infantry who is chief umpire of the maneuvers to advance over compar atively open ground They will attempt to force the regulars or the army from Intrenchments facing a solid wall of Infantry fire and the volleys from the field gun platoon of the 'enemy Col Hairy Smith of the Second infantry will command the guard or the "red" army and Lieut Col Pendleton Twenty third Infantry will command the blue AMMUNITION DISTRIBUTED Ammunition amounting to fifty rounds for each man was distributed yesterday afternoon and instructions were given officerj pertaining to the equipment the men will carry on the hike Early In the afternoon the guardsmen will strike camp and will paok their equipment In prepa ration for their departure tomorrow afternoon The first companies will de part at 12:30 clock tomorrow afternoon and all will have departed by 6 In the evening The sham battle will be brought to a conclusion at 7:30 tomorrow morning and the guardsmen returning to camp will spend tht remainder of the time until noon cleaning their arms and com pleting tasks preparatory tor departure The troops engaged in tent drills yester day afternoon Another guardsman was added to the list of injured in the camp late Sunday night when Earl Edwards a private of Company I of Washington Ind fell over a tent stake in the dark breaking Ills left wrist He received medical at tention at the flelj hospital It is believed that Lieut Col Theodore Louden of the irst regiment Bloom ington Ind will attend the next en campment as colonel of the Third Since the resignation of Col Edwin Thayer of the Third infantry Mr Louden has been the oldest ranking lieutenant colonel of the guard In the near future he will be instructed to take an examina tion for the office of higher rank MAY LEAD IRST REGIMENT It is possible that Mr Louden may be come colonel of the irst infantry Col Stephen A Bowman of that regiment re sides at Waterloo in the northern part of the state and as a majority of the companies in the Third come from north ern Indiana cities it is possible that he may be transferred Mr Louden should he become a colonel would then command the irst infantry composed of companies from cities situated nearer to liis home The war problem planned to give the guardsmen as much practical instruction as possible provides conditions for de fense and attack and promises to pro vide a spectacular scene The plan for tlie sham battle was made public yes terday afternoon The general situation of the war problem outlined for the direc tion of the two forces follows: army occupying territory to the south and a army to the north are at war The theater of operations is In the territory of the army The opposing forces are confronting each other to the east of Indianapolis both commanders assuming that all creek a mile and a half north of the barracks Is unfordable and that ort Benjamin Har rison is not SPECIAL ORDERS The special situation that has been out lined to limit the actions of the army follows: "The army consisting of two battalions of the Twenty third infantry will camp Tuesday night near all creek (Line 64 on the war map) observing the line of the stream the bridges over which excepting Baker's bridge are sup posed to be destroyed Before midnight dismounted patrols of the army will be seen south of all creek At midnight July 23 the commanding officer of the Twenty third infantry receives the fol lowing orders: militia brigade without ar tillery is reported marching north hav ing bivouacked Tuesday evening near Lawrence The main body of the army will cross all creek Wednesday The engineer battalion will throw a bridge over all creek at a point almost directly north of the barracks (Line 89 SICK DAUGHTER NOW WELL Mrs Cole Tells How Her Daughter Was Restored to Health by Lydia Pink Compound itchville Ohio take great pleas ure in writing to thank you for what your medicine has done for my daughter' taking your medicine she was all run down suffered from pains in her side could not walk but a short dis tance at a time and had severe pains in head and limbs She came very near hav ing nervous nrostra tion She had begun to cough a good deal and seemed melancholy by spells She tried two doctors but got little help cannot find words to express my gratefulness for what Lydia Pink Vegetable Compound has done for my daughter She feels and looks like another girl since taking it and I shall always feel that I owe you a great debt can use this letter for the bene fit of others if you wish as I shall al ways recommend your medicines for fe male Mrs Cole itch ville Ohio Hundreds of siich letters from moth ers expressing their gratitude for wha1 Lydia Vegetable Com pound has accomplished have been re ceived by the Lydia Pihkham Medi cine Company Lynn Mass Young Girls Heed This Advice Girls who are troubled with painful or irregular periods backache headache dragging down sensationsjfainting spells or indigestion should immediately seek restoration to health by taking Lydia Vegetable Compound cr TOWER WILL GUARD CITY IhMTOIOM 3 Ji 1 i mi I io afn tew BANK BUILDING SHOWING IRE TOWER It was announced yesterday that con struction work is soon to be begun on the fire watch tower which Is to surmount the Bank building at Washington and Meridian streets The structure is to rise sixty feet above the roof of the bank building and 295 feet from the street level more than ten feet higher than the and monument It will be octangular in shape and will be substantially constructed It is to cost 15000 Each of the eight sides of the structure Is to be seventeen feet in length' giving a large space for the watchman 1 The towerman will be provided with a powerful searchlight to be used at night as a signal for policemen In all parts of the city The light will be thirty two inches in diameter and will have a range sufficient to see plainly by means of a glass an object twenty feet square at a distance of four miles Under the contract with the city the lease for the tower becomes effective Jan 1 1913 It is expected however that the work will be completed before that time Access to the tower will be by elevator as far as the seventeenth story Stair ways will be used the remainder of the distance on the war map) at dawn Move your command over bridge and take up position to hold and covter construc tion of new bridge against attack from east and southeast An imaginary divi sion of the army (not to be con sidered In this war problem) will cover Baker's bridge and nearby territory The Infantry will cover bridge at 87 road to ravine 600 yards east of 87 and 90 road on war map You can not be re inforced before 7:30 Wednesday RECEIVE ORDERS The following is the special situation provided to limit the activities of the army in the war problem: Indiana national guard brigade has instructions to prevent the crossing of all creek by a force reported to be approaching from the fiorth After a fatiguing march this brigade has bivouacked during the evening of July 23 northeast of Lawrence and has estab lished an outpost (Outpost at 84 90 93 on war map) Scouts have discovered all creek to be impassable except at bridge which was held by a force Patrols of the army have been ob served north of all creek At 3 Wednesday morning the brigade com mander receives the following message: reliable spy reports a force will construct a bridge over all creek this morning (at a point south of 89 on the war map) The guard for the work men constructing the bridge is believed not to exceed one regiment (The regi ment occupying a position in a field south east of 93 on the war map) Move out at once (along lines 91 and 92 on the war map) and attack at sunrise to prevent construction of the The combined bands of the three regi ments of the guard with tbe band of the Twenty third infantry gave a concert last night in front of Col head quarters Many persons from Indianapolis were entertained in camp during the evening The band numbered seventy five pieces and the program was loudly en corq4 by hundreds of guardsmen who sur rounded the musicians during the concert Religious services were conducted Sun day night more than 500 men cheering loudly when reference was made by a speaker to the pleasant surroundings in camp and to the assistance that has been given by regular army officers and mem bers of the Twenty third Infantry GRINSTEAD SUCCEEDS HERRON Captain rom Twenty Third Will In struct Indiana Militia WASHINGTON July 22 An order was issued by the secretary of war today de tailing Capt Robert Grinstead of the Twenty third Infantry stationed at ort Benjamin Harrison as inspector instruc tor of the Indiana militia under the act of Congress' approved March 3 Capt Grinstead was directed to report to Gov ernor Marshall for duty apt Grinstead succeeds Capt Charles Herron re cently relieved of duty with the Indiana national guard who will enjoy a four leave of absence before returning to his post with the Eighteenth Infantry at ort Mackenzie Wyo CHAUEUfTdENIES SPEEDING Driver for Bobbs Disputes Testimony When Robert White colored chauf feur for Bobbs president of the Bobbs Merrill company appeared in Po lice Court yesterday afternoon charged with violating the motor speed law Pa trolman Muse who made the arrest testified that he timed White list Thurs day afternoon and that It took him only thirty one seconds to drive from Thir tieth street to Thirty sixth street on Northwestern avenue Both White and Mr Bobbs who was In the machine denied the officer's statement According to Patrolman Muse's calculations White had driven at a rate of more than sixty miles an hour The chauffeur asserted that he had orders from his 'employer to drive not more than fifteen miles an hour He was driving Mr Bobbs to the Country club he said and had not driven more than fifteen miles an hour except when he started up a hill near the Crown Hill cemetery when he in creased the speed to twenty miles an hour The patrolman said that he has another witness to substantiate his tes timony and Judge Colltns continued the case for several days until the witness can be brought into court SUES SURETY COMPANY AGAIN The second suit against the ederal Union Surety Company filed by the re ceiver for the New York brokerage firm of Dixon Dewey was filed In the Ma rion Circuit Court yesterday The plain tiff seeks to collect a judgment obtained against Harry Dewey the first re ceiver The ederal Union company was on several bonds for $50000 The Judg ment is for more than $150000 The first suit which asked the same relief was dismissed by the plaintiff without preju dice some time ago SEES IN MISSION ONLY CHANGE TO SAVE LIE Doctor Sends Suffering Italian Infant to airview for Scientific Care Workers of the Charity Organization Society resuming their investigations yesterday morning in the tenement dis trict discovered hundreds (of sick and afflicted babies and mothers that de manded instant relief The difficulty however of accommodating the numerous families that should be sent to the Sum mer Mission for Sick Children is steadily increasing and again the cry for more contributions is heard In a tumble down house in the shadow of the huge smokestack of a large manu facturing establishment amidst wretched surroundings was found an Italian baby suffering from cholera Infantum The mother who is a widow was unable to understand the strange American woman who had so unexpectedly called to see her An interpreter was sent for and with much questioning the story of her sad life was learned A physician who had accompanied the charity worker declared that in one thing alone did hope remain for the stricken babe and that was the Summer Mission for Sick Children at airview park On hearing this the face of the foreign mother was filled with terror believing that once gone the child would be lost to her forever PLAYLET TO BE GIVEN On learning however that she too would be sent to the mission a smile of gratitude overspread her face and hav ing put on her earrings said that she was ready to go to the place where the grass was as green as In her own country An entertainment that promises to be one of the most delightful ever given in the Interests of The Star Summer Mis sion und will be held Wednesday even ing' Aug 7 in the form of a playlet at the Odeon The sketch will be presented by the Southard Dramatic Club and Is entitled Scarlet The members of the club are all young women of dramatic ability and several are plan ning to become professional actors Miss Lena Southard director of the chib has had considerable experience in dramatics besides having had several dramatizations of novels accepted The members of the club are Bernice Han kins Martha Adams Irene laide Mayer Lois Evans Ruth Brown Emma Basdorf Lillian Painter Elsie Sherman Helen Medias and Pauline Beatty The members also hold Interest in the Bank of Sympathy No 86 Stockholders of the Bank of Sympathy No 66 will conduct a lemonade stand every day this week at 3335 West Michi gan street KEPT OWN SHORTAGERECORD Geneva Bank Cashier's Data ound in Coat After Suicide Harry Arnold clerk In the banking department of the office of the auditor of state has received notice that Hale former assistant cashier of the Bank of Geneva who hanged himself left a private record of his own shortage The 1 private record showed a total of $11680 while the state department found that Hale was short $1425863 record was kept in a memorandum book which he carried The record was found In coat after his death BOARD PUBLIC WORKS ROUTINE INAL ASSESSMENT ROLL APPROVED Vermont street from Sherman drive to a point 170 feet west gravel roadway and curbing Vacation of a part of New York "Street ffom Keystone avenue to Tacoma Vacation of Sugar Grove avenue and parts rf Twenty fourth street and Beverly avenue also first alley east of Schurmann and flrat alley south of Twenty fourth DIE ON SAME DAY COLUMBUS Ind July When a telegram was sent Henry Meyers of Hia watha Kas informing him that his rel ative here Thomas Kobbe had been killed in a fall while unloading hay a daughter of Mr Meyers replied that ber father had died on the same day YOUNG MEN TO AIDNEW PARTY Chairman Bastian Announces Plan to Organize Marion Coun ty Progressive Club WARD MEETINGS ARRANGED Number of Volunteers Proves That Speakers for Campaign Will Be Plentiful WHlitts A Bastian county chairman of the progressive party announced yes terday that he will organize a Marion County Young Progressive club The organization is to be open to all young men including first voters who are in sympathy with the party De tails for perfecting the organization will be taken up soon and efforts will be made to obtain a larger membership want all young men as well as older men to co operate with the new said Mr Bastian men from over all the county who are in sympathy with the progressive move ment are asked to signify their intention at once We hope to have hundreds of young men enrolled in clubs and be lieve that they will take an active part in the campaign MARCHING CLUB PROPOSED A young marching club probably will be formed and the members of the organization will be asked to attend ral lies during the campaign and aid in arousing enthusiasm They also will be asked to take an active part in the ward and precinct work Mr Bastian was engaged yesterday in a number of conferences with workers from all parts of the county Several meetings are to be held this week and a number of precinct ward and township organizations will be perfected Progres sives of the Second ward will meet this evening at 2156 College avenue Ward and precinct committeemen will be selected The progressives of Perry town ship will meet this evening in Kar hall University heights when an organization will be completed and a township chairman chosen Progressives of the ourth and Tenth wards will com plete organizations tomorrow evening The Tenth ward meeting will be held in hall state avenue and Pros pect street while the ourth ward meet ing will be held at the home of VanBriggle 2947 Boulevard place (for merly Senate avenue) Other meetings will be held later in the week MANY SPEAKERS VOLUNTEER It is evident that there be no lack of campaign orators for the new party Although neither county nor state chair man has organized a speakers' bureau a number of persons nave offered their services on the stump Harvey Stout Jr secretary of the state committee has received voluntary offers from a number of speakers Among those who will be sent to ad dress meetings are rederick Landis Lo gansport Horace Stilwell Anderson James Cox Oakland City Steele Newcastle Dr A Clifford Washing ton Theodore Shockney Union City rank Snyder Portland: Bert Vestal and Paul Haines both of Anderson Boyer Logansport and Roscoe ertich Indianapolis Mrs Antoinette Leach of Sullivan also has agreed to take the stump in the interest of the new party Progressive leaders say many additional names will be received when the bureaus are organized INCREASE CANVASS ACTIVITY Local Men Seek Joint Senatorial Nomi nation at Convention riday Only three men in Indianapolis Albert Zearing Bachelder and Salem Clark apparently are vitally inter ested in the Democratic convention to be held next riday afternoon for the nomination of a candidate to represent Marion Morgan and Putnam counties in the next General Assembly The con vention will be held In the Criminal Court room The three Indianapolis men are candi dates for the nomination and In addi tion to these there are two others John James of Greencastle and Homer Mc Ginnis of Martinsville There will be 212 delegates to the convention 183 from Marion county fifteen from Morgan coun ty and fourteen from Putnam county The three Indianapolis jnen who are candidates have been canvassing the city and county for several weeks Zearing and Clark have been particularly active The primaries for the selection of dele gates will be held Thursday Reginald Parties Meetings George Thomas No 20 will be entertained tomorrow7 afternoon at the home of Mrs Ida McBride 1434 Park avenue The hostess will be assisted by Mrs Katherine Hoster Mrs Agnes Hitt Mrs Emily Knapp Mrs Cora Scott and Mrs Artlmetla Hornaday A meeting of the Past Pocahontas As sociation will be held tomorrow after noon at Itasca hall 351 Indiana avenue A lawn fete for the benefit of St parish wdll be held this evening tomor row evening and riday evening on the grounds surrounding the church Various features have been arranged in connec tion with the fete The Auxiliary to the Railway Postal Clerks will hold its annual picnic at Brookside park this afternoon In of inclement weather an indoor pic nic will be held at the home of Mrs Oler 2014 College avenue A lawn fete will be given this evening at Blackford and Michigan streets by the women of the People's Congregational church The women of the Altenheim Society in charge of the German Home for the Aged will meet at the German Evangel ical Zion's church Thursday afternoon to disuse plans for a fair to be held in the fall as a benefit for the home Sullivan Democratic county chairman said yesterday he had made no arrange ments for voting places but that hewould have the men In the various wards and townships see to it in time for the voting ENLARGES STATE HEADQUARTERS Meets Increasing Interest In Campaign with Added Room In preparation for the approaching state convention and the opening of the active campaign the Republican state committee has enlarged its quarters In the Claypool hotel by the addition of a third room Increasing interest In the campaign la Increasing the number of visitors at the state headquarters daily or the present the additional room will be arranged for visitors but within a short time a considerable increase in the office force will be necessary REPRESENTATIVE KORBLY GETS AME AS RAT KILLER Is Swamped With Letters After Pre senting Case to Agriculture Department WASHINGTON July Represent ative Korbly Is developing a new branch of congressional service which already is bringing him considerable fame among his colleagues The Indianapolis representative Is doing a land office business as a rat extermi nator Learning that Yndlnapolls grocers were being badly pestered with rats Mr Korbly brought the agencies of the De partment of Agriculture into action against the pesky rodents News that the Indianapolis member hap taken up rat killing as the most effective service he can render the public' at this time was published in The Star recently and Mr Korbly was swamped with let ters from Indianapolis people merchants and others who want his advice and help in waging war on rats His fame as a rat killer has spread over the state think I can say without flattery to myself that I am In a fair way to be come the greatest rat extermina said Korbly He promises to answer all letters on rats but craves a little patience until he can catch up with his mail THAW WILL SOON KNOW ATE Jerome Closes Case by Submitting Brief Against Giving Slayer reedom' NEW YORK July 22 The case of Harry Thaw slayer of Stanford White whohas been fighting through habeas corpus proceedings in White Plains to obtain his release from the Mattea wan asylum was officially closed todajr when William Travers Jerome attorney for the state submitted his brief to Justice Martin Keogh against giving his freedom Justice Keogh will nand down his decision the latter part of this week or the first of next START MUSIC RATE WAR COLUMBUS Ind July The City Band and the Military Band have started cutting prices for Jobs Both bands sub mitted bids for work with the Retail Association for tomorrow The City Band bid $1 for each man and the Military Band bid 90 cents News of Churches The Aid Society of the Central Univeraalist church will meet tomorrow afternoon at the church 4 1 The Star Summer Mission und Previously acknowledged $247184 Regina and Bennie arlee 25 Lawn fete at Tenth street arid Jefferson avenue 5055 Bank of Sympathy No 64 115 Bank of Sympathy No 42 500 Bank of Sympathy No 92 251 Lemonade stand at 728 North Alabama street 615 Jane Gray Hinds 200 rom the patrons of the A Cafe 135 Lemonade stand by lorence Olive and Mary Pavey 145 Lemonade stand by Beatrice Neale Beatrice Wandre Donald Burge Robert Neale Harold Burge Esther Burge Wilbtr Green and Emma Stutz 225 rank Dow 20 Mrs William Johnson 100 Sunday services at Summer Mission conducted by Presbyterian churches 135 Total 254706 Contributions and subscriptions may be made at The Star office New York and Pennsylvania streets or checks or money orders may be 'sent to The Star Summor Mission und The Star will print tickets for lawn fetes and entertainments which individuals or any organizations may desire to give for the benefit of this fund and also will give publicity to such events The Charity Organization Society will supply booths tents lanterns and gasoline torches for such entertainments ENTERTAINMENTS iOR BENEIT UND Lawn fete by the Sympathy Club at Twenty fifth street and Central avenue July 24 Tickets 10 cents The Carnegie Alaska Siberia Expedition pictures wonderful films made In arctic regions at the Park theater Thursday evening July 25 Vaudeville ahow including novel features at 3348 North Illinois street July 26 Tickets 5 and 10 cents Candy and Ice cream cones will be on sale Lawn fete on North Meridian street from Thirty seventh to Thirty eighth street July 26 Indianapolis Independent band will provide music Tickets 10 cents Lawn fete by Mrs Coffey at Lexington avenue and Shelby street Satur day evening July 27 Attractions of various kinds Street carnival on Bright street from New York to Vermont streets July 30 "Room of Mystery" and moving picture show Tickets 10 cents Lawn fete by stockholders of Bank of Sympathy No 52 at ortieth street and Cornelius avenue Wednesday night July 31 Lawn fete by the Indianapolis Lodge 1 18 Modern American raternal Order at Military park Tuesday night Aug 6 Band concert and military drill "The Scarlet by the Southard Dramatic Club at the Odeon Penn sylvania and North streets Aug 7 Tickets 20 cents "SYMPATHY AUG 17 will be observed Aug 17 throughout Marion county and surrounding territory as a general rally in behalf of the Summer Mission A house to house canvass will be made for contributions Including the fac tories downtown business houses and office buildings "Sympathy succeeds the International Interdenominational County air as a means of raising money for the Mission Hundreds of workers will be needed and vol unteers are Invited to notify Nathan Redding secretary 708 Odd ellow building New phone 5372 or Main 4979 MEN INDIANAPOLIS Vacation Time is here you want to take a new suit with you? One of our kind none better made no matter what the price is OUR JULY DISCOUNT SALE NOW ON Select any fancy suit from our immense stock deduct (25) twenty five per cent discount from our original price and have our tailor fit it for you Co Washincton and Pennsylvania Painless Dentistry No mutter what condition your teeth may be In you can have gond teeth if you wish to We crown fill of extract your teeth without pain hy recent marvelous dis covery AVc guarantee a 1 1 our work The largest and best equipped dental office In the state S5 to $8 Our Pntent Suc tion Never Slip Plate AMERICAN PAINLESS DENTISTS Rioae Mala MIS SI North Pcanoy Ivaala SM Opposite When Ssre STATEMENT THE CONDITION The Equitable Life Assurance Society of the United States ON THE 31st Day of December 1911 It is located at No 120 Broadway New York city A DAY President' ALEXANDER Secretary The amount of its capital is $10000000 The amount of Its capital paid up is 10000000 THE ASSETS THE SOCIETY ARE AS OLLOWS: Cash on hand and in the hands of agents or other persons $1 351 407808 Heal estate unincumbered 29 11 225806 Bonds and stocks owned by the society bonds amor tized value stocks market quotations 28080530400 Loons on bonds and mort gages of real estate free from any prior incum brance 0937517638 Debts otherwise secured 7134633713 Debts for premiums 515653955 All other assets 455740397 Total assets $50386709717 LIABILITIES Losses adjusted and due $7656524 Losses adjusted and not due 14049292 Losses unadjusted 13444659 Losses in suspense waiting for further proof 172082685 Reserve for unreported death losses 45000000 All other claims against the company 821803006 Legal reserve 40882215400 Total liabilities 4 1 956250566 The greatest amount in any one risk $102000000 The society docs not admit Jhat claims included in this Item constitute a liability of the society State ofTndiana Office of Auditor of State I the undersigned auditor of state of tue state of Indiana hereby certify that the above is a correct copy of the state ment of the condition of the above men tioned company on the 31st day of De cember 1911 as shown by the original statement and that the said original statement is now on file in this office In testimony whereof I herewith sub scribe my name and affix mySEAL official seal this 21st day of March 1912 BRIEN Auditor of State STATEMENT THE CONDITION THE Aetna Insurance Company ON THE 31st Day of December 1911 MADE TO THE STATE INDIANA Located at Hartford Conn WILLIAM President HENRY REES Secretary Capital stock subscribed Is $500000009 Capital stock paid up is THE ASSETS THE COMPANY ARE AS OLLOWS: Real estate unincumbered $37500000 Cash on hand and in bank 160746731 Gross amount in hands of agents and in transit 154773080 United States stocks and bonds 1140nooo State storks and bonds 1 7334000 County city and town stocks and bonds 186663007 Railroad bonds 1000495550 Railroad stocks 353657950 New York city bank stocks 124284000 New York city trust com panies storks 76150000 Hartford bank stocks 63525060 Philadelphia bank stocks 3575000 New Britain (Conn) bank stocks 1700000 Atlantic Mutual Insurance scrip 1061550 Accrued interest 8873103 Total assets $22 017 38971 LIABILITIES Losses adjusted and not due $13957865 Losses unadjusted In sus pensr waiting for further proof 47429433 All other claims against the company 63293796 Amount necessary to rein sure outstanding risks 793638403 Total liabilities $918319497 Agents instructed to take no risk over $20000 without special permission The greatest amount insured In any one city town village or block paries and depends upon the construction ma terials and the moans of arresting fires A copy of the charter with recent amendments is on file Hartford Jan 1 1912 State of Indiana Office of A uditor of State I the undersigned auditor of state of the state of Indiana hereby certify that the above is a correct copy of the state ment of the condition of the above men tioned company on the 31st day of Decem ber 1911 as shown In the original state ment and that the said original state ment is now on file in this office In testimony whereof I hereunto sub scribe by name and affix mySEAL official seal tills 21st day of March 1912 Auditor of State Obituary Mrs William II Siddall 57 years old died at 1:30 o'clock A yesterday afternoon at her home 1854 Talbott avenue follow ing an illness of uremia which began last Thursday After the first attack Mrs decline was rapid until her death She Was the wife of Sid dall a well known member of Typo graphical Union No 1 who is employed in the composing room of The Indian apolis Star Mrs Siddall was born in Burlington Ind but had lived in In dianapolis manv years In addition tn tlie husband she is survived by two! daughters Miss Bertha Siddall and Mrs I Theodore Myers and a son Leslie Siddall The funeral will be conducted 'from the home Thursday afternoon other arrangements to be completed later Mrs Hannah Galbreath 60 years old died suddenly at the home of ber son in law Irwin Bertermann 4707 East Washington street Sunday night Mem bers of the family were awakened by Mrs Galbreath who complained of severe pains in her chest They hurried to call a physician and while absent from her room heard her fall She died soon afterward Coroner Durham was called and expressed the belief that death was due to heart disease Mrs Galbreath came to Indianapolis six years ago after the death of her husband James Gal breath In Greenfield Ind She is widely known in Hancock county Surviving children are Mrs 'W Duddlng of Greenfield Ind Mrs Irwin Berter mann of Indianapolis and Logan Gal breath of Barker City Ore Pun era I ser vlets will lie held at the Bertermann home al 9 tomorrow morning The body will be taken to Greenfield for burial the1 funeral party leaving Indianapolis In a special interurban car at 10 THE DELAY Life Willie Chnmplelgh D'ye know Miss Gladys 1 been talking to your father more than a couple of minutes when he called rne a brainless idiot Miss Gladys Indeed! I wonder what caused the delay? Make the Liver Do its Duty ITTLS PILLS tipation IndigM Sick' Headache aad Dutie Niee tian in tea when the liver in rit dtetoaach aad bowek are light LITTLE UVER ILLS gaadf but firmly eoa Carters 3m11 PiU Smell Dme Small Price Genuine raut bur Signature.

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