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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana • 7

The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana • 7

Indianapolis, Indiana
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THE ANOTHER PITIUL Social and Personal MORE HELP OR SICK BABIES Dressmaking Hints By Hay Manton CASE DISCOVERED Mother Recovering rom Typhoid and Her Babies Go to Sum mer Mission WILL RECEIVE NEEDED CARE More Entertainments Planned for COAT SLEEVES 5108 The resh Air und 48c Roast Chicken THE STAR'S RESH AIR UND with Morton who has been vls before There are seven members 506 Address Pattern Total $112561 fete on the Bertha Bal Just 10 cents at your grocer's THE GREAT WESTERN CANNING CO DELPHI IN Supper are ar Among those who will probably' not read your ad TONIGHT to ice at 915 East Georgia shpw at 2S8 East at 1048 High street OBJECTS TO NOISE CARS Plays and Players of All of those who are looking for Juggles Tonight peo Catterson daughter Want ads cost one cent a word Talbot Miss Virginia Shaw Quality Quantity LABORERS STEAL MILK SAYS The Star Pattern and Sullivan HOME MADE her way home RLISS gW A IN QO BREAD Ask your grocer for it Last Week of Our STRAIGHT CREEK HOTELS AND RESORTS KENTUCKY COAL SUMMER RESORT TOWN Contentment Complete A good play HOTELS AND RESORTS STOP AT half former prices oalen hallMu CzfV AkK ver WEBER DRUG CO Claypool Hotel Distributers or ludlanapolls 2s have auih the the daughter will go East in a spend August in the moun A Amos and daughter gone to Pittsburg Pa Dickey and Miss Ruth this week for Province A number of entertain plannel for the visitors the her lawn fete to be 915 South Sen Miss Mae Cawley of Whiteland Ind is visiting her cousin Miss Ella Shan non at her country home the Beeches 'Mrs Lavalette Pratt will leave fete at 1703 Park avenue fete at 915 South Senate Mr went three Mar have until she the of July case of depart Sanita will be The Broad in the Th management deelrea attention to the Reduction Room and Restaurant Table d'Hot Dinner 79 Rooms with Detached Mrs Nellie Browning Gent and son have returned from rench Lick where they visited Mrs Thomas Taggart and family and Mrs John Hollett and son to Wisconsin yesterday to spend weeks Mrs IT Hatfield will entertain Summer Card Club this afternoon at home on North Capitol avenue Mrs Benjamin Hitz and son gone to Michigan for the rest of the mer pattern 5108 is cut in three sizes medium and large corresponding to and 40 inch bust measure Midshipman Hugh Brown who spent a week with his parents Admiral and Mrs Brown Jeft yesterday to join his ship Miss Alice Alexander of Mt Vernon Ill Is' visiting Mrs I Iarry loor and Mrs Smith Miss Lydia Wallace will go to Grosse Isle Mich to spend this month with her st mother who is at the cottage of her sister Mrs Shoate Miss Nora ft rench Lick days Mr Wendell Coval of North New Jersey street has gone to Bass Lake to spend a month Miss Josephine Hefron of the Alexan fc dra spent several weeks in Washington sInd with her grandmother Mrs Barton and has gone to Bowlder Colo to visit Mrs Crampton formerly of this city for to street Lus served at that at the Mrs David Curtin formerly of this city now ofHavana Cuba is visiting in Wis consin She was the guest of Miss Mary Cullen in Cincinnati recently A watermelon fete is announced morrow night at 1308 East Pratt by lora Romel and Anna Bauer cious ripe watermelon will be at 5 cents a slice generous slices i ice cream will be served same price Mr Kahn weeks Another entertainment tonight is the lawn fete at 915 East Georgia street There will be found all the popular amuse ments for an evening in the open air with refreshments appropriate to the weather Those In charge are Grace Con ner Maggie anning Esther McBride Hazel Wilson and' Hazel Ross and they have been working faithfully for the suc cess of their entertainment One of the novel plans for raising money announced yesterday was by rieda and Norma Schissel Elso Ulrich and Clara Parrot They will give an all day swimming party at bath house at West street and the Canal which is owned by the mother of the Schissel girls She has offered to give the entire proceeds on Wednesday Aug 9 and the little girls are arranging the af fair A special price of 10 cents will be fixed for that day Only men and boys provided with complete bathing suits will be admitted that day and provision has been made for women and girls all day Those who merely desire to look on will be admitted at the same price Mrs Alex Scott is spending a few weeks at rench Lick Springs 771 400 Miss Alvina Thale East Michigan street who has been visiting in the East for two weeks has returned home Zora ides Sorority is camping at Ripple party a Miss Mary Johnson will entertain friends i from Kokomo this week Misses Margaret Woods Bernice Kant Jennie Losey and Mary wiacKieage ments have been Dr and Mrs Madeline have and will visit other points in the East Taggart came up from yesterday to spend a few Another new one is a given Saturday night at ate avenue by Edna erguson Ella Mur phy Ethel Considine Anna Blehmann and lole Vanderleast They will serve re freshments and the 10 cent ticket of ad mission also entities tne holder cream and cake Mrs Petet of Veedersburg Ind is visiting her daughter Mrs Davidson 2613 Ashland avenue Miss Katherine Schrader will return In a few days from Denver Colo where has been spending two months withMisses Geis formerly of this city MORNING STAR 'TUESDAY AUGUST Leo Creasey Van Nuys Delmo Atkins and Ralph Atkins and their resh Air stand at Greenwood Amount previously acknowledged Sunday school class Bethany Park Ralph and Delmo Atkins and Leo Creasey Van Nuys of Greenwood lemonade stand The Elm Camp near Broad Ripple Edna Me Carthy Anna asey Mary Kasey Mary Barrett lemonade stand at 911 Church street Harry Clark 813 West Twenty first street Arthur Beltz Geneva Beltz Walter Colbert Leo Colbert Emma Colbert Gladys Beltz Catherine Colbert Catherine Joss lemonade stand and vaudeville show Mr and Mrs rederick Dickson gone to Old Orchard Me August New affairs for the benefit of The Star's resh Air und are being constantly ar ranged showing a growing interest among the children in the work for poor children An additional interest in this particular children's charity is due to the fact that the summer mission is so close being located near airview Park that all may go there and actually see the good being accomplished with the money con tributed Miss Mabel and Miss Margaret Rockwood went to Michigan yesterday to visit Miss guerlte Lilly Mrs Lily and daugter taken a cottage at Cheneaux Island Sept 15 An evening of merrymaking has been announced for Aug 22 at Madison ave nue and Prospect street One of the features there will be a specially built roller coaster for tho occasion made by the boys who constructed the coaster at 1017 High street and recently earned $19 for the fund at 1 cent a ride There will also be a gypsy fortune teller and other amusements besides refreshments Pearl Spencer and Alice ranging it $2250 and $2500 final clearance $2750 and $3000 final clearance $3500 and $4000 final clearance $4500 and $5000 The Rev and Mrs Villers daughter will go East this week stopping first In Boston The marriage of Miss Harriet Cochran of this city and Mr A McDaniel of Lebanon will take place Wednesday even ing of next week NO CASES LOCKJAW OLLOW OURTH JULY Burnett's Extract of Vanilla In purity and strength pre eminently superior $109320 210 the Barm niucj ni uiiciiiui iu uiuss the track in front of the train have to spend work today will read it STAR Mr Harold Swain of New York has come to visit his mother Dr Rachel Swain and brother Mr remont Swain in Woodruff Place Mrs remont Swain is visiting Mrs Harold Swain (Margaret Reid) in New York At 238 East Pratt street entertain ment in large tent with splendid pro gram or the benefit of The resh Air und 1 Lawn fete at 915 East Georgia street with plenty of amusement and refreshments or the benefit of The resh Air und' Mrs George went to Cincinnati yesterday to visit Mrs 1 sister Mrs George Rockwood ana wirn ner short time to tains town on the Cape Cod coast Miss Pratt will enter the summer art school for two months She contemplates a winter study in New York Lines of people extending from the Park Theater entrance on Washington street to the alley on the east and the alley near the rear entrance on Capitol avenue wait ing fdr a chapes to buy ticket? to Told in the marked the opening of the Park yesterday afternoon after a brief respite during the summer The crowd was so dense that Capt Campbell the house officer was slightly injured in attempting to keep the people back until time for the opening of the doors A cage of bears carried by the company which gives a genuine picturesque Wild West show attracted many boys and held them all day looking first at the bears then at the boys fortunate enough to go in and then at the pictures of Miss Emily Gale dressed in the garb of a beautiful Indian maid Told in the made the audi ences at tjie Park yesterday so enthusi astic that they Cheered loudly during many scenes and made those outside all the more anxious to go in The characters in the play proper after a beautiful prologue are Pamnena an Indian maiden who has been educated and has returned to her old home and outdoor habits Little ox a Comanche Indian in love with her Texas Howard a dashing young Western girl Lib Dexter of the rougher sort of mountain girl a funny old Arkansas darky who makes a great deal of fun a tramp and a number of other quaint characters who play well an inter esting play telling of the efforts of a young white man to win the Indian maiden from her Comanche lover Miss Emily Gale who was such as fa vorite tn last season is no less a favorite as Pam nena and is beautiful in the genuine Indi an dress and trinkets she wears Specialties are introduced by Miss Burdi Bartram and Jack West Told in the will be presented again to day and tomorrow afternoon nad night Mrs Elmer formerly of Milwau kee is ylsltlng Mrs Robert Pedlow who gqve ft dinner of eight covers in her honor Sunday evening This afternoon Mrs Pedlow will entertain at euchre in honor of her visitor Other special guests will be Mrs Joseph Sheppard Mrs William Berry and Mrs Mitten Mrs Elnjer will leave the latter part of the week for Iowa for residence PATTERN COUPON out the illustration and inclose it Cut in letter with 10 cents Writs your name and address distinctly and state number ana size vou want Department The Star Indianapolis Ind Allow one week for return of pattern Aug 3 Lawn fete at Meridian and vv iiKins street Aug 4 Lawn Aug 5 Lawn avenue Aug 9 Lawn lard Home lawn Aug 9 All day swimming party at bath house West street and the canal Aug 11 Evening festival at 519 East Ohio street Aug Lawn fete at 439 West Michi gan street Aug Open air fair at East and New York streets Aug 22 Evening of merry making at Madison avenue and Prospect street Those who are contemplating giving entertainments for the benefit of The resh Air und are urged to re port them to the manager of the fund that assistance may be given by The Star and proper note of it made in the paper LITTLE PEOPLE AT GREENWOOD SEND CONTRIBUTION TO' THE RLSR AIR UND Miss Laura iting Mrs Morton and Mrs Gill will leave Wednesday to make another visit before returning to her home Mr and Mrs Snider have re turned from the East Tailored Sults Silk Shirtwaist Sults Tub Suits Covert Jackets Rain Coats Waists Dress Skirts Silk Petticoats and Lingerie at Less Than tho Cost of Materials for inal Clearance and Mrs Henry Kahn and Miss have gone East to spend several AT NEW YORK HOTELS By Star Special Service NEW YORK July 81 Indianapolis people at New York hotels: Ziegler Saragon Branham St A Cobb and wife Continental 8 ValL i Quinn HOTEL MARION LAKE GEORGE Warren County New York Now open New management Thor oughly renovated and refurnished inest golf grounds along the lake All out door eports JOS MARVEL Mgr AT CHICAGO HOTELS By Star Special Service CHICAGO July Indianapolis pie registered at Chicago hotels today as follows: Great A Keller Shackleton Sangster Wil liams Sturgis Grace George Lovell Evans and wife Cook and wife 8 Howe Higgins Ludorff Windsor Allen Nei mann Morrison razier Mrs Robinson Says Poor Equipment Is Used on Senate Avenue Mrs Robinson 1710 North Senate avenue complained to the city yesterday of the condition of the cars and the tracks of the Indianapolis Traction and Terminal Company declaring that the cars made such a commotion passing her home that they were very annoying cars roar and rattle and the car tracks are bad she said cars bump along and make an awful noise Most of the trouble is the fault of the cars I believe for the interurban cars that pass the house make no such A communication will be sent to the Traction Company concerning the com plaint" PATTERN COUPON Cut out the illustration and inclose it in letter with 10 cents Write your name and address distinctly and state number find size you want Address Pattern Department The Star Indianapolis Ind Allow one week for return of pattern Ask your dealer Made by Proctor A White Peoria BARTH CASE INQUEST Deputy Coroner Robertson yesterday heard the testimony of A Garver who was a witness of the accident which re sulted in the death of Melville Barth last Monday night at Cruse street and the tracks Garver testified that Barth was riding west parallel with the tracks and tne same direction train was zoitig He was struck on left side by the train Garver says and was thrown about twenty teet oy truck 1 Galen Hall ATLANTIC CITY NJ We opened our Beautiful New Brick SATURDAY JULY 22 Owing to delays In finishing we hvy(s' of the most eleganUnltes and single rooms 1 1 in the city lo off eri Rooms with or without I baths I Health Board Believes Lives Are Saved by Warnings Issued by Department It is believed at the office of the City Health Department that the warnings is sued by that department and given by the daily papers of the city against the dangers attending the celebration 4 had their good effect Not a lockjaw has been reported to the ment up to the present time and rian Keene believes that there none Last year there were three deaths from tetanus on account of infections result ing from the celebration This year the public was well warned of the dangers attending apparently slight injuries and it is believed at the Health office that unusual precaution was taken The Health Department well provided itself with tetanussantltoxln for use in families unable to buy the expen sive preventive and several physicians of the city were supplied with the anti toxin 1304 50 CLOTHING or Youths Boys and Men Members of Association Railroad ares Rebated Under Their Plan ANCY Sleeves make the all Important feature of the garment As has been truly said their style their cut and their general ef fect make or mar the gown Many sorts are in vogue and variations are so numer ous that each and every need can be suit ed but in spite of her generosity dame fashion demands certain things and makes certain definate laws ancy sorts are the rule for all but the plainest and most se vere of tailored coats and to be correct one must bear that fact in mind Illus trated are two most attractive models the one with the other without a cuff that can safely be relied upon to give a distinct touch to any garment As shown both are made of soft silk the cuff being of velvet and the frill of lace but they are adapted to any materials of the season the shirred model suiting all the soft chiffon fabrics while the sleeve with the cuff is so general in its usefulness that its possibilities are without limit The sleeves are each cut in one piece and are arranged over plain foundations and both sleeves allow a choice of three quarter or elbow length or a woman of medium size will be re quired 2 yards of material 21 1 yards 27 or 1 yards 44 Inches wide with 3 8 yard of velvet for cuffs and yards to trim as Illustrated me small 32 36 Tailored Sults price $10 00 Tailored Sults price $1460 Tailored Sults price $18'50 Tailored Suits final clearance price $21 50 Silk Shirtwaist Suits at half former prices Silk Waists at half former prices Raincoats at half former prices Costumes at less than half former prices Evening Coats at less than At $185 $148 $118 and 756 about 1000 fine Lawn Waists plain tailored embroidery and lace trimmed styles waists of exquisite beauty clean and desirable in every way and formerly sold up to $350' Mr and Mrs Gerrltt A Archibald are at Maxlnkuckee at the Van Camp cottage They will go to New York for three weeks of August Miss Mary Dean who went abroad six weeks ago is on 4 Hotel Earlington (IRJEPROO CONSTRUCTION) 37th St Bet Broadway and 6th Art NEW YORK CITY to call year la Rates tea BADGER OICE DESKS OR BUSINESS MEN 14 20 EAST WASHINGTON ST INDIANAPOLIS Members Merchants' Association oosmtwQiinm a The next time you have rl HA ig imm Roast for stuff Ml ing buy a can of Hoosier Hominee 10 cents You will find it makes the best dressing you ever tasted The taste of the rich corn com bined with Roast Chicken is simply delicious will smack your lips over it cents Bath ONE DOLLAR per day and upward Parlor and Bedroom with Private Bath TWO DOLLARS ND ITY CENTS per day and upward adt traveling alone will find the ton Quiet cafe and mot ooa Ut for Shopping and EARLE A SOX Established 1846 at Earle's HoteL Chicago Beach Hotel AmerUaa sad European Plan Thti modern Hotel built of stone end petwed brick Has 1000 feet of broad veranda overlookmr Like Michigan 450 large elegant rooms 220 private bathe Tempting table Only 10 ride io city's chopping and theatre center Send for free Illustrated JSookleL Met Boulevard and Lake Shore Chicago Partnership Dissolution Sale Rich smooth creamy centers flavored with fresh natural fruits covered with a generous of pure chocolate Sounds good yes? Tastes better Try This Trade merk on each piece ELMER CRABB One of the chief features of the big tent show at 238 East Pratt street to night for the benefit of The Star's resh Air und will be Elmer Crabb a young juggler who has attained a reputation on the stage in his lino Makes Complaint Against Men Employed by City The oddest complaint that has yet been lodged against the own Street Sweeping Department was made yester day by Patrick Sullivan 634 South West street He said that men employed by the city had fallen into the habit of steal ing milk that was delivered to the resi dents of the district An order was issued to Charles A Gar rard at the head of the department to try to prevent tho stealing of milk A mother who has but recently recov ered from an attack of typhoid fever and her two babies were among those taken to the Summer Mission for Sick Children near airview Park yesterday Their pitiful case is another of those which alone is worth all the time' and trouble and money contributed to The resh Air und which supports the mission and makes this great charity possible The mother would probably not regain her strength for months if left to her own resources in her home and the little ones already ailing would undoubtedly suffer sorely as the result of the hot weather yet to come At the mission both mother and babies will grow strong and happy living in the fresh air and cared for by the loving nurses Ten more children and mothers were admitted to the mission yesterday to re main until their health improves be sides the several score who went to the pretty home for the day only The con tributions which continue to come to The resh Air und will all be needed to carry on this work and many more dollars will be needed Tonight two more entertainments will be given for the benefit of this work One of these will be in a big tent at 238 East Pratt street where the young folk have provided a program that is entirely worthy of a liberal patronage Cecil Bur din and Ruth Marston are managing the affair and they have proven capable Their program includes not only several acts by the children but also some pro fessional work In the latter will be a juggling act by Elmer Crabb who has attained success on the stage and in Sep tember will again begin a tour of the country The admission is only 5 cents Has no equal Ask your dealer Mined by National Coal and Iron Co 42 3 Centra! Trust Bldg Indianapolis 4626 GIRL'S SAILOR ROCK Th general beeomingness of sailor styles attached to belt is responsible for their continued popularity In fact it is a style to select for a frock that must do duty on various occasions It is not blue serge alone that looks well in this mode but linens ginghams pique mo hair and pongee The blouse is fastened by two shaped straps and also enhanced by a smart collar and cuffs and tho skirt is the full round style attached to a belt The suit will develop satisfactorily in plain colored material using white for shield collar and cuffs A pretty conceit is to embroider emblems on the shield and sleeve Sizes for 5 to 9 years The first contribution from Greenwood came yesterday from little Ralph and Delmo Atkins and their playmate Leo Creasey Van Nuys of ranklin Three little tired heads soon fell asleep Satur day night after the first day of hard work ever spent by the little ones Mr Atkins constructed a neat stand on the lawn at Mrs home ftnfl the children sold ice cream lemonade watermelon and popcorn They also took orders for bread and delivered it themselves They were well patronized by the business men as well as by the children and while the little merchants made all the change at times it was necessary for Miss Olive Creasey and Mrs Van Nuys to assist in handling the crowd When the profits were counted it was found that $771 had been cleared and this was sent to The Star's resh Air und with kind wishes for ltssuccess among the poor children The following are among the entertain ments announced for the benefit of The resh Air und: Aug Lawn tete street Big tent Pratt street Alio 9 Lawn fete Aug 2 Watermelon fete at 1308 East Pratt street Aug 2 and 3 Big show at 626 Weg horst street today are the folks who secured new jobs yesterday Yard wide (plump 33 Inches) white china and Japanese wash stlks ac cording to weight sell regularly at $100 90c TSctand 59c now you pay $140 85c 75c 68c and 49o A still more comprehensive range of Qualifies is available in ttia 27 tpoh width Of these the handsomest is a heavy white Canton pongee regularly $150 a yard now repriced $138 Other grades regularly sold at 90c 75c 69c and 59c are now79o 69c 59c and 49o Black china silks unchangeable in color and spot proof have been marked down from $1 35 $100 85c 75c and 65c to 98c 85o 68c 58c and Continental Chocolate Confections A pretty girl And a box of 1 hi jtj iH I 7 mi 3 ISL Co rt Bletrihattre of 14 1 II" II" I jh tT ET 1 1 IU sT hi! tT I vstf wk i ITU Daily ClothifHouirfoio 3ft mJattirdayjt tatSO noon White Wah Trices Ire Mxic Lobiser ptotu II jp iff i i.

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